Are you a New Muslim Sister?  

First, welcome to the beauty of Islam, the true religion and the worship of the One and Only God,  
Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He)

This group has been formed especially for you by your fellow sisters in Islam.

They understand that during your transition to leading an Islamic lifestyle, you may encounter
various obstacles or situations where you would like to take advice from your fellow sisters in Islam.  
Also, they know that you are trying your best to learn all about your new faith, its practices,
beliefs, etc, and they would like to provide guidance and education.

The sisterhood of Islam is truly beautiful and unique.  Amanah Sisters by the will of Allah, shall
provide various social and recreational activities where friendships can blossom, making this
journey more enjoyable.  

If you would like to join Amanah Sisters, please contact us.

Our main geographical location is the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, although, we do have
members in various other locations worldwide.  So if you are located outside the Greater
Toronto Area, please contact us using the various tools on the internet, by the will of Allah,
we can get to know each other, and by the will of Allah, find someone in your local area that
can provide friendship and help with your local issues.

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