Dustin Decal

For US House Rep District One
August 6th

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Protested the Iraq War

Dustin has a long history of standing against interventionist policy. If elected Dustin will end the need for endless wars by expanding renewable energy.


Decal stands with teachers

When teachers were on the verge of being fired as a form of pay suppression, Dustin stood for teachers pay and spoke out against the school board.   


Defends Marriage Equality

As a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance, Dustin protested the unjust  Marriage Discrimination Bill Prop 8. Dustin believes in equality and stands for LGBTQ+ protections.

Decal Sticks With You!

My grassroots campaign works for average Americans - not wealthy special interests. I will work to balance the federal budget, to protect social security, to generate new high paying jobs for East Tennessee, to expand access to higher education, and to provide health care to every American as a right! However to legislate I have to win and to do that I need your support. Please consider making a donation, any amount is greatly appreciated.

Decal Sticks With You!

Medicare For All

Saves US trillions of dollars in medical costs over the next 10 years, benefiting average Americans like you and me. It is time to ensure no American dies from a lack of care and no American goes bankrupt because of unpreventable medical disaster.

Workers Rights

I have the know-how to ensure our labor laws remain UNION STRONG! Our legislators have been and are still trying to pass legislation that will have the potential to disband unions!

Environmental Action

Ready to pass legislation that intelligently addresses our climate crisis. The scientific community agrees climate change is real, man made and, if left unchecked, hazardous.

Campaign Finance Reform

Restore Democracy back to the people. Cap election spending, end corporate lobbying, and end super PACs. Enable a strong bipartisan FEC. Add term limits to oust entrenched politicians that have been bought and paid for.

Tuition Free State College

Educated workers should be our greatest export. Higher education should be available to anyone with the motivation to obtain it regardless of background. I will work to provide more public options including expanding trade school and tuition free state colleges.

Family Leave   

It's time we address the serious pay bias created by unpaid family leave. It's time to join the rest of the world in guaranteeing paid family leave.