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How to Get Married at San Francisco City Hall

As a popular place to get married, San Francisco is intimate, breathtakingly beautiful and less expensive place for traditional ceremonies. Plus, the intricate architecture and the natural light that flows into the building allows you to take some of the best photos. You can do this by getting the best San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer. It’s, therefore, one of the best locations for wedding ceremony. While the process of getting married in San Francisco is simple, here are some of the details that you need to know.

Requirements to be legally married

· You must apply and pay for the marriage license.
· The ceremony must take place with 90 days after the marriage license has been issued.
· The ceremony must be officiated by an authorized person.

Civil ceremonies and marriage licenses

You can either purchase your marriage license before the ceremony or ahead of time. Getting it ahead of time is ideal because it will make the whole process smoother. As long as you can schedule your ceremony with 90 days of getting it, you are good to go. Currently, marriage certificates costs $104 which can vary periodically. You can make appointments from Monday to Friday between 8.15 am to 3.30 pm.

Types of ceremonies

There are two major types of marriage ceremonies namely the civil and private ceremonies.

Civil ceremonies

Due to the space, only six guests are allowed to attend the civil ceremonies. With only three couples booked within a slot of half an hour, it’s quite common to see guests and excited couples waiting along the edges of the Rotundas second floor. Costing only $83, these ceremonies are short. Once you arrive you must check in the information desk. However, if you’d like more privacy, a longer ceremony, and more than six guests, then you should consider having a private ceremony.

Private ceremonies

This ceremony costs around $1000 and can be done in one of these locations, The Majors Balcony, 4th floor of The Southern Gallery, and 4th floor of The North Gallery. When it comes to private ceremonies, over 100 guests are allowed to attend. If you’d like to use any additional chairs and tables you can book them at the city hall at an extra cost. You also need to provide your own officiate. Apart from these, you can choose to have a two hour wedding package at a cost of $5000 or an evening and weekend wedding package. Since outside venders are permitted, there is much flexibility in the evening and private wedding package.

Best time for the ceremony

Choosing the best time for the ceremony is actually a matter of personal choice and preference. As per the laws at least one witness should be present during the ceremony. He is also required to accompany you prior to the ceremony. The San Francisco city hall will also provide a judge who will officiate during your wedding ceremony.

Photography places
The most popular place for photography is the 4th floor North Gallery since it always has the perfect light. There are many other locations within San Francisco city hall where you can take the photos. You will also get the best San Francisco Wedding Photographer.

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