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Your lawyers will prove that you were injured because a third party breached a legal duty to care and that your safety was compromised in order to get compensation for negligence. If you have been injured, it is important to act fast. New York's workers' compensation law requires that you notify your employer within 30 days to file a claim for workers' comp. The Workers' Compensation Board will then require you to file a claim within two years of the accident.

Don't risk missing a deadline. These are severe consequences. You could even lose your right to compensation. Our lawyers can help you protect your right to compensation. For a free consultation, contact K L Sanchez Law Office P. C. to learn more about Queens construction accident lawyers. K L Sanchez Law Office represents New York City residents in personal injuries and wrongful death cases. Our sole mission is to help accident victims receive just compensation for the harm they have suffered.

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Even if all precautions are taken, construction sites can pose serious dangers. You may be eligible for financial compensation if you or your loved one were injured on a Queens construction site. K L Sanchez Law Office P.C., a Queens lawyer who specializes in construction accidents can help you receive the maximum compensation. A Queens personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the legal system will make a big difference in obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. It can be difficult for you to receive the compensation you are entitled to after an accident. You shouldn't worry about how you will pay your bills after you are hurt.

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Queens construction accident lawyers can help you protect your rights if you are injured on a Queens construction site. Workers' compensation will be your first line to financial recovery. Your workers' compensation benefits may not be enough. You might also be entitled to payment from a negligent third party. K L Sanchez Law Office P.C. has years of experience protecting injured construction workers.

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It can be hard to get all the compensation you need after a work accident. Our lawyers are here to help. For more information, contact us at Queens, New York law offices. Construction workers often put their safety at risk to get the job done. If you are injured on the job, your financial security should not be a concern. New York's workers' compensation law can be complicated. They are more inclined to favor employers and insurance companies. An experienced Queens personal accident lawyer can help you defend your rights, and get the full compensation that you deserve.

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K L Sanchez Law Office P.C. is a law firm that has built a solid reputation for excellence over the years. The workers' compensation company can use a simple mistake to undervalue or deny your claim. Our lawyer is familiar with the law and can tell you what you're entitled to. Our lawyer will review your case to determine whether you are eligible for a third-party lawsuit against your employer. Call our law office to get a free consultation about how our Queens injury lawyers can help you receive the best compensation.

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NYC's construction sites are some of the most dangerous. To ensure safety, strict labor laws have been enacted in NYC over the years. Yet, such accidents continue to be common. New York Department of Buildings conducted a study to assess the safety of construction sites across NYC. In 2020, there were 502 construction-related injuries on edifice sites. This was down from 595 in 2019. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), NYC's construction industry saw the most worker deaths in 2019. 24 New York construction workers lost their lives while they were working in that one period.