Paulding Village Council met in Regular Session on June 20, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Building. Mayor Greg Reinhart called the meeting to order.


Finance Director Annette Hasch called roll with the following members present: Randy Daeger, Robert L. Boyd, Ryan Mapes, Danny Workman, and Tim Boss. Administrator Harry Wiebe was also present, as was Solicitor Mike Jones via Skype. Councilwoman Barb Rife was absent.


Robert L. Boyd motioned to approve the minutes of the June 6th Council meeting, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


            Carol Merz was present along with her daughter Susie with concerns about a neighbor using the unimproved alley by her house. Solicitor, Mike Jones explained that no one should be using the unimproved alley. Mike Jones will contact neighbor’s landlord. Mayor Reinhart will talk to the Police Chief about patrolling the alley.


            Ellen Smith from Maumee Valley Planning was present to discuss the US127/Gasser Rd Intersection Improvements Project. She was present to get signatures for the Grant Agreement with the State of Ohio, Development Services Agency. The grant is in the amount of $310,000.


Robert L. Boyd reported on the Recreation Board meeting held on June 20, 2016. The weed barrier will be placed in the playground area of the Reservoir Park on Friday, June 24th.  The mulch will be delivered on Friday. Volunteers are scheduled to spread mulch on Saturday.


Ordinance No. 1518-16 re: An Ordinance Regulating Parking within the Village Limits of Paulding, Ohio, and Repealing Ordinance No. 961-87 and Ordinance No. 1504-15 in their entirety was read for the first time.


Finance Director, Annette Hasch relayed that the bid openings for July 13, 2016, are as follows:

1)       Water Meter Pit Replacement Installation will be at 12:00p.m.

2)       Water Meter Pit Material will be at 12:15p.m. 

3)       Water Tower Improvements will be at 12:30p.m.


Harry Wiebe presented the Administrator’s Agenda. The agenda consisted of the following:



Dan Workman motioned to approve the Administrator’s Agenda, seconded by Randy

Daeger. Vote: all yea.


Mayor Reinhart mentioned that Palmer Energy Co. has been meeting with local governments about electric aggregation services. Harry mentioned that he also has been in contact with other electric companies as well.


Mayor Reinhart relayed that he received a letter of resignation from EMT Con Shuherk effective June 17, 2016.


      Mayor Reinhart asked Council members if they had any cost saving ideas. Robert L. Boyd brought up about having someone else collection our Income Tax money. Dan asked about hiring an employee to do snow removal and mowing instead of outsourcing those jobs. Mayor again asked everyone to think outside of the box for cost saving ideas.  


Robert L. Boyd motioned for Council to move into Executive Session for (1) to consider the employment of a public employee and; (2) to consider personnel with regard to the dismissal of a public employee and only inviting the Solicitor and Council, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


Ryan Mapes motioned for Council to move into Regular Session, seconded by Robert L. Boyd. Vote: all yea.


Dan Workman motioned to accept Village Administrator, Harry Wiebe’s retirement/resignation effective June 30, 2016, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.


The Council gave consent to Solicitor Mike Jones to write a letter to the Ohio Ethics Commission.


Tim Boss motioned to pay the bills, seconded by Robert L. Boyd. Vote: all yea.


Robert L. Boyd motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ryan Mapes. Vote: all yea.




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