Get Your Game On: Console Gaming for Beginners

The name itself is a definition of terror and adventure, and Dead Island games is much more than that. The video game was developed by Tech land and has become an instant rage for players all over the world. The game was developed for Microsoft windows, PlayStation, etc and cam be assessed on most gaming interfaces.

Faerie Solitaire Mobile HD is a different spin on the usual solitaire game for the iOS, but is it worth your hard earned money especially for $6.99? Read on to find out.

Recommended? Definitely if you've played the first game. Check out the first one if you haven't, these titles shouldn't be missed. We're back with Cole McGrath in the second installment of the Infamous series, and there is a lot of work ahead of him.

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Vanquish is Japan's foray into the cover based shooter genre. It's a game under the radar that has loads of exhilarating gameplay.

The latest game within the popular Need for Speed car racing franchise will be Need for Speed: The Run. Gamers assume the role of Jack while he races in 'The Run', which is an illicit three thousand mile race from coast-to-coast (San Francisco to New York) for a $25 million winner's prize.

"Although classics like FF remain the favorite of many, other RPGs have known a great success among video game players. These new RPGs stand out by their realistic graphics and outstanding gameplay. One of our favorite is ""Dragon Age: Origins""."

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There is a little bit of warrior inside all of us. For those who grew up playing fighting video games, and for those who enjoy playing games that involve a fight to death, there are a number of new games on iPhone that will sweep you of your feet.

Duke Nukem Forever is a game that is all about an egomaniac named Duke Nukem; he is a one man army who always gets the girls and never fails at what he is doing. You might enjoy this game because the entire game has nonstop hilarious jokes coming from Duke Nukem and nonstop bullet action while you shoot up those aliens. Also, you can shoot some hoops, lift some weights, play pinball machine games, some pool, shoot some air hockey, and also have a go at the slot machines all the while trying to boost up your ego.

If you knew anything about me, you would probably note that I'm a massive Spider-Man fan. I have various posters around my room, multiple ticket stubs from the Marvel movies and heck, I'm even drinking out of a Spider-Man cup right now. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to play Beenox's latest Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One. Usually, I'm apprehensive about playing a movie tie-in game, but he's my favorite hero. Even if it's an average game I should be able to look past its faults, right? After playing the fairly short campaign, I have to say this Xbox One iteration of the web-slinger should have been squashed.

An introduction to the amazing game that is Minecraft! As well as an overview of crafting - what is it and how to do it.

As far as first person shooters go, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is one of the best. Some would even say that it IS the best. It was developed by Treyarch and released in November 2012. Activision / Square Enix published the game, making it available for PS 3, Microsoft Windows, and XBOX 360.

Catherine stands out from the crowd as one of the most unique games this generation. With a riveting story line and fun puzzle gameplay, Catherine makes its case for game of the year.

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eGames are considered to be a great source of inspiration for all categories of community members. Now even you can see old age people playing the eGames. They help sharpen your mind, while playing them over you equips your mind with strategizing and policy making.

The invasion of toy based video games happened two years ago with the release of Activision's Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Of course Activision isn't one to just release one successful game where a franchise could be- just like with Call of Duty, Skylanders has had annual releases and 2013 brought Skylanders: Swap Force and the only difference this year was that Disney released their own version of the genre with the incredibly ambitious Disney Infinity. Finally we can determine which one truly deserves your parents' money.

If you're like me, you may have played a lot of room escape games online. But did you know that it's also a growing trend in the Apple App Store?