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"It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the Super Mario Brothers franchise. It's true, Mario had appeared in games before, most notably as ""Jumpman"" in 1981′s Donkey Kong, however it was 1985′s Super Mario Brothers that rocketed the titular plumber into video game super-stardom. Since then, Mario has been featured in scores of games across over a dozen different platforms and has become not only iconic of the Nintendo brand, but arguably the most recognizable face of the hobby itself."

Path to Pelantas is a very unique game that reminds me a lot of sports-management games. Although it's an RPG themed video game, you don't really get to go out and experience all the action yourself as everything in this game is simulated.

The Assassin's Creed games have always been popular - particularly among those who enjoy fictional history. They give players a chance to immerse themselves in important battles throughout history, from the crusades to the American Revolution. The new Assassin's Creed III involves a bit of time travel and role playing during the 1770s.

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Have you ever wasted a few hours playing Bejeweled? Ever get bored of staring at the tacky shiny gems? Wish there was more excitement and strategy?

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is kind of like the movie Ghost. Except you're not Patrick Swayze. And you don't have Whoopi Goldberg as your psychic sidekick. Oh, and there's no sexually-charged pottery scene.

When a person first opens Mine Sweeper the very first thing that you will see is the grid of grey blank squares. The three grids that are at the top left corner of the window of the game are the number of mines which you have to uncover without exploding them. At the right top corner of the game's window you will see a slot that shows the number of seconds it is taking for you to complete the game.

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As its core, much of the same in the previous series is present in DMC. You collect red orbs by defeating enemies, finding hidden orbs, destroying certain objects throughout each level which then can be used to purchase items at the store either in intermission between missions or at various statues in the levels. You can upgrade your weapons with red orbs, making them stronger and purchase new abilities for Dante to add to his arsenal.

Zombies are no longer just in the big screen or your television screen. Killing zombie games are also now popular as video games and in other game consoles. While some people make these fun zombie games part of their daily gaming habit, there are those who only care for the best killing zombies games.

In this Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Strategy Guide, we will be discussing about all the awesome strategies, tips, tricks which will help you improve your kill:death ratio and give you the ability to unlock high-end weapons and rewards, which will ultimately make you win more games. Call of Duty is so popular because you can play along with your friends and strangers alike. We'll discuss about the best 6 strategies to help you DOMINATE and improve your kill:death ratio.

In this Battlefield 3 Rush Guide, we'll be talking about the best strategy for both defense and offense. After reading this guide, you should be very powerful and win many Rush games as compared to having no strategy at all. Rush is a fantastic game mode in Battlefield 3 which utilizes a great deal of strategy as compared to typical game modes.

This article goes into great detail on the upcoming Assassin's Creed 4 game. Get a good idea on what the game will contain and what you can expect as far as gameplay.

The invasion of toy based video games happened two years ago with the release of Activision's Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Of course Activision isn't one to just release one successful game where a franchise could be- just like with Call of Duty, Skylanders has had annual releases and 2013 brought Skylanders: Swap Force and the only difference this year was that Disney released their own version of the genre with the incredibly ambitious Disney Infinity. Finally we can determine which one truly deserves your parents' money.

Catherine stands out from the crowd as one of the most unique games this generation. With a riveting story line and fun puzzle gameplay, Catherine makes its case for game of the year.

Modern Warfare 3 Assault Strike Packages rewards - Gives you killstreaks that aids you to kill more people. The killstreak counter is reset every time you die.

Organ Trail, is a an awesome version of the cult classic PC game, Oregon Trail, but with zombies... lots of zombies! Organ Trail has your character and 4 others on the road in an old station wagon as you make your way across the United States to safe haven, from coast to coast. Along the way you will encounter zombies, survivors, quests, bandits and more along the way.