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27050 East Business Highway 50 Unit B-3 Steel City Alley Cats Coalition
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The address for the new SCACC headquarters is 27050 East Highway 50 Unit B-3 in Pueblo.

A New Leash On Life Bail Bonds is a donation based program to help bail out pets that have been impounded at Pueblo's Municipal Animal Shelter.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Mission Food and supplies were collected and delivered in collaboration with No Kill Colorado, St. Paws Food Distribution Center, Paws For Life Rescue Facility, Reform Pueblo Animal Services Group, AWR Cat Tails & Steel City Alley Cats Coalition.
Fire Disaster Relief for Beulah, CO SCACC supplied pet food assistance to all pet owners that were displaced due to the fires in the region, with the assistance of St. Paws in Colorado Springs and The Rescue Bank of Houston.
SCACC Pet Food Pantry Emergency Pet Food Pantry We offer emergency pet food assistance to any pet owner that is experiencing a financial difficulty and are unable to provide needed pet food for their companion pet(s). The amount of food given is determined on a case by case basis to prevent the possibility of pet owner having to choose to surrender their pet(s) to an animal rescue or shelter. Pet food assistance program We have also partnered with the Pueblo SRDA and created a pet food assistance program to help seniors who are enrolled in the Meals on Wheels and Congregate meal site programs by providing pet food for their companion dogs and cats. To participate in this program individuals must meet the following requirements: 1. Must be enrolled in the Pueblo Meals on Wheels Program through the Pueblo SRDA 2. Must have a financial struggle in providing pet food for their dog(s) and cat(s) 3. Must be the owner of the pet(s) and their pet(s) must live in the same household as the recipient 4. Must agree that any and all provided pet food will only be used to feed their own pet(s) *All pet food received for these programs is donated and there is never a charge to any individual that receives pet food for their pets through either pet food program.
Emergency Medical Care SCACC helps provide emergency medical and vet care for stray and colony cats.
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We are a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization - all monetary and in kind donations are tax deductible. We are 100% volunteer and donation supported. SCACC was founded in April of 2013 to bring awareness to TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) by supporting Pueblos local TNR program (offered through the municipal animal shelter) and assisting colony caregivers with trapping. In May of 2014 we started the emergency Pet Food Pantry to assist pets and owners in need. In April of 2015 we became registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to assist permitted feral cat colony caregivers and to help provide the feral cats with medical needs for illness and injuries. SCACC is opening a feline rescue facility Feb 14, 2018, and we will continue to fill needs in our animal community "one by one until the need is none". Since it is prohibited by ordinance to feed feral cats in the city of Pueblo, we offer an incentive program to assist feral cat caregivers who become permitted caregivers through the city. Individuals must sign up for the TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) program offered through the city's municipal animal shelter to become a permitted feral cat colony manager, which makes it legal for them to feed feral colony cats. Once they are permitted we make cat food available to colony managers free of charge. TNR Resources We offer a free TNR Program that is NOT LIMITED TO PUEBLO COUNTY. We will provide TNR services to any caregiver of feral cats or barn cats. We provide anyone that feeds them the ability to fix them free of charge. All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and the left ear is tipped/notched to make it visibly possible to identify saidthecat has already been spayed/neutered. Any necessary wound care, flea/tick/ear mite treatment is also provided. We also recommend that all kittens in colonies be removed from colonies to be socialized and placed into homes so they do not have to live their lives out as a feral cat and will assist with this process. We provide transport for free spay/neuter services for companion cats. Vaccinations are also given when needed at the time of spay/neuter services. There is no limit to the numbers of cats we will assist individuals with to be spayed/neutered. We urge people to allow us to have ALL litters of kittens spayed/neutered and any vaccinations that are applicable before they are rehomed. Any cat that goes through the companion cat spay/neuter program is NOT required to be ear tipped. We provide transport and crates for this service. Kittens must weigh a minimum of 2 pounds and the age of the cat/kittens will determine what vaccinations they are able to receive. All cats/kittens must be a minimum of 4 months of age to receive a rabies vaccination. Spay/Neuter Myths Myth: Female pets should have at least one litter before you should have them spayed. Fact: Research shows that female pets spayed before their first heat cycle are typically healthier. Myth: Animals become lazy and fat as a result of spaying and neutering. Fact: Whether they are spayed/neutered or not, animals become overweight only when they are fed too much and don't get enough exercise. Myth: Spaying and Neutering is painful. Fact: Spaying/neutering is preformed under general anesthesia by a licensed veterinarian. There may be mild discomfort after the surgery, but most animals are back to normal within 24 to 72 hours. Myth: You shouldn't spay/neuter purebred pets. Fact: 1 in 4 of the animals surrendered to animal shelters nationally is a purebred. *sources: www.snapus.org and www.humanesociety.org ______________________________________________________________________________ Top 5 reasons to spay/neuter your pets: 1. Spayed/Neutered pets are healthier. Female pets spayed before their first heat live a longer, healthier life with a reduced chance of uterine infections and breast cancer. Neutering pets before six months of age prevents testicular cancer. 2. Spayed female cats do not go into heat, so they do not attract stray males, yowl, or urinate outside the litter box during mating season. 3. Neutered males are better behaved. They do not run away from home in search of mates, meaning they stay safer from traffic, predators, and competing males. Neutered males are also less territorial and aggressive, meaning they are less likely to mark the house with urine and get into fights. 4. It is highly cost effective. The cost of spay/neuter surgery is much less than the cost of having and caring for a litter of puppies/kittens. It is also less than the cost of treatment for injuries and illness that spaying/neutering prevents. 5. Spaying and neutering your pet is good for the community and the animals. Every year, millions of cats and dogs of ALL ages and ALL breeds are euthanized/killed or suffer as strays on the streets, where they prey on wildlife or become prey to wildlife and cause car accidents. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying and neutering. source: www.aspca.org
back to top of page Special thanks to: Denver Dumb Friends League Solutions Clinic,The Feline Fix, Southern Colorado Spay Neuter & Rescue Association, Pueblo Small Animal Clinic, Krugman Small Animal Clinic, Mesa Veterinary Clinic, St. Martins Wellness Clinic, PawsCo, Paws For Life, Southside Wal Mart, St. Paws Food Distribution, The Rescue Bank, Best Friends, Big R of Pueblo, Dionisio Metal & Iron for all your service. We especially want to thank every one that helps support our cause with your generosity, to those of you that give your time, and those that help through networking. Without each and every single one of you nothing we do would be possible!! We also want to take this opportunity to pay a very special tribute from Steel City Alley Cats Coalition and all the rescue community that has been assisted by Every Creature Counts for their 25 years of service you have given unselfishly to all the thousands and thousands of animals that had a second chance and a 'happily ever after' not only for Colorado dogs and cats but for the dogs and cats transported from other states as well. We give thanks to ALL of you being the dedicated staff and volunteers - Thank you Every Creature Counts for all you did from 1992 - 2017. back to top of page
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