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We are ready to work with you to ensure that you leave our dental clinic with the shiny and whiter smile that you have always wanted. Added to this, we also offer dental cosmetic bonding aimed at restoring common defects affecting your teeth. Rest assured that whether you suffer a chipped tooth or your tooth has cracks in it, we are able to address this problem using the best cosmetic dental procedures.We also offer dental crowns and bridges, dental veneers, smile design, and wedding day smile services. we guarantee that you will have access to the most competitive prices and we also have a flexible payment plan in place for you. come into our clinic in Dublin today.When you are interested in making a connection with your Dentist in a calm and relaxing area, then you should consider coming into our clinic at 3Dental Dublin.At 3Dental Dublin, our main aim is to redefine your dental care and treatment experience and we do this by taking a patient-focused approach to delivering top-quality dental care and treatment experience.

We offer general dentistry services also to help protect and nurture your natural teeth while also boosting your appearance and the quality of your smile.Some of the common services we offer include routine dental examination and checkup to ensure that your teeth, gum, and mouth are in great shape. Additionally, we offer white fillings that help you to repair damages that may have been caused by cracks to your teeth. Our dentist also scales and polishes, offers sedation dentistry services, does fissure sealants, offers gum treatment services, and as well recommends snoring devices to help you deal with snoring. Dealing with teeth grinding? Come to us.



Teeth Whitening



If you are in Dublin or Limerick, rest assured that our 3Dental Dublin dental clinics are open to addressing your dental surgery needs at all times of the day and night.Our dental surgeons understand that each patient that comes into our clinic is unique and presents unique dental challenges that require personalized attention and care. To that extent, we make sure that you are offered a one-on-one consultation service where we discuss your dental care and treatment needs. We also proceed to examine your teeth and mouth to be able to better establish the areas of interest and the next line of action.In most cases, you may not need dental surgery, however, we offer dental surgical services to patients who suffer from common dental problems like impacted wisdom teeth or those that need tooth removal services.Added to this, we also offer sinus lift surgery that adds bone to the upper jaw area of the molars and premolars, as well as Gingivectomy – a procedure that involves the removal of gum tissues to improve the appearance of the gum.In addition to offering oral surgical services, we are familiar with delivering emergency dental care and treatment services as we have the best Emergency Dentist on the ground to address such problems that may be causing you pain and discomfort.Additionally, we offer cosmetic dental care procedures like Teeth Whitening, dental crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, and more. Rest easy knowing that our dentists will walk you through the process and deliver an exceptional dental care and treatment service to you.




Emergency Dentist



When you are dealing with certain oral health conditions, it is advisable to have a qualified and experienced Dentist to speak to. Members of the Limerick and Dublin community have come to trust our dental care and treatment team at 3Dental Dublin for the amazing job they are doing.Our dental clinic has been designed to offer each patient that walks in a welcoming feeling as well as a sense of belonging to a community that cares. All of our staff are courteous and friendly and will make sure that you get all of the information you need about our dental care and treatment services.We have a comfortable waiting area where you can sit back and relax ahead of your dental appointment and what’s more, we strive to ensure that you are never kept waiting.We have a team of Emergency Dentist on the ground to attend to all of your emergency dental care and treatment needs and our endodontist is also on the ground to look into your dental problem.


When you meet with our endodontist, rest easy knowing that you will be offered a spacious, comfortable, and convenient consultation room where you can discuss all of your dental problems in privacy and comfort.Our endodontist will listen to your complaint and carry out a detailed examination of your mouth to better understand the challenges you are faced with and also to develop a specific treatment plan that addresses the problem diagnosed.As part of the solutions offered by our endodontist, you can take advantage of the root canal treatments that we offer aimed at effectively preventing further complications to your teeth by cleaning the teeth’s root canal and replacing the matter with bio-compatible matter. In addition to this, we also offer apicectomy services which are performed when the tip of the root of a tooth becomes infected.


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