Watch: Anusmaran Bangalore Keynote Address

Arunachalam Muruganantham delivers keynote address at Anusmaran 2015

Watch this completely fascinating talk, humorously delivered by Arunachalam Muruganantham - the first man who wore a sanitary napkin and who is revolutionising the way underprevileged Indian women are dealing with menstruation. Watch Video

Anusmaran worldwide bash

13 cities across the world celebrate Anusmaran, just one more city to go!

Our alumni connect just got stronger this May with our alumni across the world coming together for Anusmaran 2015. 13 cities have celebrated Anusmaran, with one more to go in Chennai. We thank all the Chapters for organising Anusmaran at such a refreshingly grand scale. See photos from:
Bangalore - Mumbai - Pune - Delhi - London - Singapore - Amsterdam

Attend Anusmaran @ Chennai - May 23, 4 pm, Gandhinagar Club, Adayar

viral fever

The Big wave of #100sareepact - Anju Kadam MPWE

The #100sareepact is a promise between Ally Mathan and I, to wear one hundred sarees this year. Why ? Because we want to show our sarees some love. For too long we had relegated the saree to the back of the closets only to be worn on special occasions, mostly festivals. So we decided, we would air them and wear them. But it doesn’t stop there. We are both story tellers.I am a Communications consultant in rich media, Ally is a perfumier. We were compelled by habit to take the pact further to weave a narrative with the memories attached to each saree. Read on