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Dr. Sushil Vachani, IIMB's new Director, connects with alumni

'Every time you come up with a vision, you have to see what's changing in the environment in terms of opportunity and threats. Sometimes, you have to look ahead. You can't just keep looking at the past. The Education sector is at the point of inflection. There is an enormous demand for education but the big change is that technology is creating enormous opportunities for delivery of education," said Dr. Sushil Vachani at the Bangalore meet with the alumni. Read more

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Distinguished Alumni Awards - Call for nominations

We invite your nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Awards of IIMB, 2014. Since its inception in 2007, the Awards are given every year to those chosen few alumni of IIMB who have excelled in industry or academia and also contributed to the society. Last year, Malavika Harita PGP 82, won the award, becoming the first ever woman alumnus to receive this coveted honour. Participate in our quest to find the most deserving distinguished alumni for this year. Nominate



Director @ Bollywood - Ajay Bhuyan PGP 04

A giant shark hits the shores of a beach and ravages the city. The lives of the humans there heightens with high drama and nerve-racking experiences. “How come our lives are not as exciting as this?”, asked Ajay Bhuyan, an eight year old boy who saw this spectacle in the Spielberg movie ‘Jaws’. His mother explains, all this is not reality, somebody creates these interesting experiences for us to see. “Who creates them?”, he asked. It’s this person called ‘Director’. “Then that is what I want to become in life!”, declared the eight year old! He indeed went on to become a director to create the uber-world of exciting experiences all by himself - Ajay Bhuyan PGP 04, director or two Telugu movies and a Bollywood movie. Read More