Convocation Address - Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Group of Hospitals


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Manjunath Shanmugham Case - How our alumnus and his wife steered the path to justice

"I want justice for my son. But we are poor people. Who will help us?”, that’s what Manjunath Shanmugam’s parents achingly said, after their son’s murder - an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, and honest Sales officer of Indian Oil Corporation, who was just doing his job.. The news itself sent shivers – and it was something that a privileged IIM community couldn’t just take it lying down. This thought became the crux of a nine-year long fight for justice, initiated by Jaishankar, an IIMB alumnus from the PGP 91 batch and his wife Anjali Mullatti, an IIML alumnus from the 1993 batch. Mobilising support within and outside the IIM community, ensuring media attention and persistently following up the legal battle – they created a movement that ensured justice was done. Read On

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Sphere of Influence - A Military-Politico thriller by Ashish Dhongde PGP 06

Ashish Dhongde PGP 06 makes a foray into the world of books with 'Sphere of Influence', a military-politico thriller on India's intervention into Central Asia. Here's a sneak peek into the book:

Indian Base, Ayni, Tajikistan, September 14, 0450 HRS - The two battered cars with bullets holes and shrapnel studding their bodies bumped the first barrier of the Indian army check post as they braked unsuccessfully. The post and the entrance to the HQ at Ayni HQ that it guarded were located twenty meters inside it and their line of fire completely covered the approach. “Vyklyuchatʹ svet” bawled the Corporal commanding the post, at the car that appeared out of the darkness of the pre-morning, “Switch off the headlights”; he shouted as the privates with him pointed their machine guns and rifles at the driver. Read More

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IIMB wins Eagle Cup, the IIT vs IIM Golf Tournament

The Eagle Cup Golf Tournament was conceptualized, designed and executed by CloverMark to go down in history as one that put the biggest names in IIT and IIM Alumni on the Fairway for the largest clash of the Titans. The inaugural tournament was held on 20 December 2014 in Bengaluru with a great participation from the IIM & IIT Alumni alike. Read More