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The Apk Place Gaming Site has a great selection of games. I've been playing on it for years and have had a lot of fun with all the new updates they keep coming out with. It's one of my favorite sites to visit, but what about you? Have you played any of these games yet? One of the newest games on The Apk Place Gaming Site is called Subway Surfers. This game was released in 2014 and had been getting a lot of new updates. I'm not sure what's next for the game, but it's hard to stop playing! You have to run through obstacles with your runner while collecting coins along the way.

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Just when you think you've collected enough, there are always more hidden around each corner. If you want a thrill, this is definitely one you should add to your list! The second game on my list is called Hungry Shark Evolution. This game is a little bit older, having been released in 2013, but it's still one of the top games being offered by The Apk Place Gaming Site. In this game, you play as a shark that just can't stop eating! It's pretty insane and crazy, which makes it all the more fun to play! If you have a hard time passing up a piece of food, you will love this game. I know I do!

The third most played game on The Apk Place Gaming Site is the MORTAL KOMBAT X. This is a fighting game where you can select your favorite characters to battle it out with the opponent's characters. It comes with good graphics, easy controls and exciting fighting combos. The player also has access to combos for each of the players which means that every time you play the game, it will be different from all other times you played before because there are several successive punches or kicks to be done against the opponents.

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Players are given 10 coins when they first download this app, but additional coins can also be bought using real-world money to help players who want to buy more features in the game. There are many items available on this website, so for those who love playing games, here is one great game to download and play on your phone.
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The next game that is offered on the Apk Place Gaming site is Need for Speed No Limits. This racing game has several new features that gamers will love playing, especially those who are into cars or speed games. You can either play this game against players from all over the world or you can also play with your Facebook friends through the events they propose in the game.

The fifth most played game on the site is CSR Racing 2. This may look like any other car racing game out there, but it has several new features that make it special when you play it. This version of the game comes with better graphics, cars and many more exciting features gamers are sure to love playing in this android/iOS app.

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