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Furnace Repair: Common Furnace Problem & How to fix them

Advanpro Ltd. 11985 44 St SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4G9 (403) 873-7779       Nobody likes having a cold house during winters, and there can be a lot of different reasons that make your furnace does not work correctly. The quality and installation of the furnace make a huge difference when it comes to its good life span. By the time you will see the performance of furnace goes down and for that, you have to understand your furnace to fix the problems yourself. No matter which type of furnace you have, if you have proper knowledge of it, then you can save a lot of time and money on its repair and maintenance. Following is the list of most common issues that you can face in your furnace.

Clogged Filters

The easiest and quick thing that you can do for your Furnace health is checking and cleaning the air filters. Over time, the air filters started to fill with dirt and debris, which clog the way for air to pass. In return, the system works harder to compensate for the reduced airflow and heat production in the room. Therefore, ignoring the clogged air filters can result in severe damages to some parts of your system and also increase the cost of energy bills.


Before starting anything, make sure to turn off the thermostat and furnace. Find the filters in your system as different furnace models have different locations for filters. After accessing filter, check for any dirt and debris which clogged it, if it needs to replace then go for a new air filter for a better experience. While installing make sure to go in the direction of arrows mentioned on the air filter. After installation, double check whether it is secured or not.

Furnace stops heating

There can be many reasons due to which furnace stops the heating process, and the defective thermostat is one of the most common ones. Other than a faulty thermostat, tripped circuit breaker or a blown a fuse can cause the same problem. Moreover, if you have a combustion furnace, the pilot light can be the reason for not producing heat at all.


First of all, go to the thermostat and check whether it is on Heat mode or not. After that, try to set the temperature higher or lower to see whether it makes any difference. If no result is shown then Check for circuit breaker if it is on or there is no blown a fuse. If you see the circuit is tripped later try to reset it by shutting it off and turn it on again. And for a blown a fuse, you can replace it with new. Note: Do this step if you have any knowledge about it and comfortable about it; otherwise you can call a professional for this task. In case of combustion furnace, check for the pilot light and also for the gas valve. Turn it on if you find it in the shut off position. If any of the above things do not work, then you can also check the blower motor. Due to overload, it may need a reset. Check for the reset button on the blower motor. Then wait for 30 seconds when you reset it.

The furnace does not provide enough heat

During winters if you find your furnace not producing enough heat, then you can take the following measures to check and solve the problem yourself.


First and most importantly, check your filters. If they are dirty and needs a replacement, then do it to make your furnace work efficiently. If the filter does not cause the problem, then be sure that the thermostat is working fine. To check its working, raise the temperature through dialup about four to five degrees higher and see the difference. Make sure your furnace is of the right size for your house. Check the registers and make sure nothing is blocking airflow. However, if the problem is complex and you think that some serious steps have to be taken to make your furnace work, then you can seek a professionalís help also.

Rapid On and Off Cycles

If you are noticing this problem that your furnace is turning on and off too often, then there can be several reasons behind it. Following are the things that you can do to find the problem and solve it


If you did not replace the air filters in a long time, then go and do it first because it can be the number one reason and it is effortless to fix it yourself. If the problem persists, then there might be a problem of overheating due to defective blower motor or belt which turn the furnace on and off more frequently. Thermostat malfunctioning can also create such issues so make sure your thermostat is working fine. Run the test and check whether it needs a replacement.

Blower runs continuously

Continuously running blower is the sign that you need a quick repair. The system starts its working by getting cooler air in a heat exchanger with the help of blower, which is then heated and distributed to the whole house. There might be two main reasons for the continuous running blower. The number one reason is your thermostat, and the other one is the limit switch.


Check the thermostat make sure it not on the continuous fan mode. If it is, then turn it to Auto or off. Then go for the limit switch maybe it needs a proper reset or replacement.


Your furnace needs a proper repair and maintenance session every once in a while for it to work the best for you. The problems mentioned above and fixes can help you figure out what to do if your furnace needs help. Few of the repairs are so simple and easy to do like filter changing or cleaning which anybody can do and is advised to do once in a month. However, for serious issues, you have to call a professional to avoid any unexpected circumstances.