Learning and Development Advent Calendar


Today we give you the Social Care Information and Learning Services (SCILS) which is an online learning resource and community dedicated to the Health and Social Care Sector.

We are giving you full access to information on over 200 subjects including Dementia, Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Management Skills.

Go to Scils.

End of life care

Behind today's window we bring you our End of Life care pathway.

The pathway page has been designed to help you identify learning opportunities that are available under the heading of the heading of End of Life care.

Go to Pathway.

Text Reminders

Did you know you can sign up to receive free Text Message reminders for all your event bookings.

All you need to do is add your mobile number to the gateway, tick 'SMS Notifications' and then save, your reminder will be set up immediately.

Care Certificate

Behind today's window we bring you our Care Certificate pathway.

The pathway page has been designed to help you identify learning opportunities that are available under the heading of The Care Certificate.

Go to Care Certificate Pathway.

Video guides

If you need help with SharePoint, Excel, Lync or Outlook then what is behind today's window is perfect for you!

We have a selection of video guides which show how to complete some of the common tasks and function, these videos can be broken down by application or you can view them all.

Go to IT Video Library.

Being a Manager and Leader

The aim of the Being and Manager and Leader Framework is to set out a clear definition of what is expected of people managers and what they will be held accountable against in a clear and concise manner.

Go to Framework.

Study Zone

Today we give you the Study Zone, the Study Zone is where you will find a whole host of external online learning resources that you can make use of to improve your knowledge and skills in all areas both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Go to the Study Zone.

Dementia Framework

The Alzheimer's Society has funded researchers to test whether doing games can improve cognitive function in older people.

The study found that playing games can help improvements reasoning and verbal learning skills.

With that in mind, why not play our christmas game to reveal some excellent Dementia resources

First Aid Resources

This page is dedicated to First Aid and contains a list of all our current events. You will also find videos and games to support you in your development.

Go to First Aid Page.

History Timeline

The history timeline documents the history of West Sussex County Council since its early beginning, up until the present day and looking towards the future.

Go to History Timeline.

Refresher Training

The Annual Mandatory and Refresher Training page will guide you through each of the four elements all WSCC staff need to complete annually.

Go to Page.

Care Video Guides

Today we bring you a selection of Social Care videos.

Subjects include Dementia, Autism and End of Life Care. Go to the Video Library page to select the subject you would like to learn more about.


Education Information and Learning Services is an online learning resource/community dedicated to the Health and Social Care Sector.

A wide range of social care materials is available either for online use or group learning.

Go to Education Information and Learning Services.

Travel Organiser

Did you know that WSCC staff can add their details to the travel organiser to either request a lift to training events from fellow delegates or to offer a lift.

It's easy to do just add your name to the Travel Organiser page.

Email Alerts

Did you know you can sign up to E-mail alerts that will tell you when new courses are published?

E-mail alerts can be set up to show you all new events or just show you event that include subject areas you are interested in.

To set up alerts go to the E-mail alerts page and select the subjects you are interested in, easy!


Did you know that the Learning and Development Gateway has a CV builder that captures all the courses you have taken, your employment history and your qualification.

To create your CV go to the My CPD section.

Lifesaver Game

Lifesaver is a live-action movie that you play like a game. It shows you how to save someone's life in four different scenarios. It throws you into the heart of the action as you make crucial decisions and learn essential life-saving skills.

Play the Lifesaver Game.

IT Guides

Behind today's window we have a collection of Microsoft office guides for you. We have guides for Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Project, SharePoint and Visio.

Go to Office Guides.

Management Pocketbooks

Behind today's window we bring you a selection of Management Pocketbooks.

We have pocketbooks on a variety of subjects including Communications, HR, Finance and General Management.

Merry Christmas

We hope you have enjoyed our daily advent calendar, thank you for taking part. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.