What Is Ethanol

Ethanol is the scientific name for the chemical form of alcohol that is found in the alcoholic drinks that people consume all across the globe. Ethyl is another name for this chemical form of alcohol, too.

Ethanol is the alcoholic part of beer, wine and other similar drinks and it's what makes alcoholic drinks what they are. Without the ethanol, all of these substances would be safe to drink in any amount – or just as healthy as any other non-alcoholic drink. So, what is ethanol? Simple, a scientific name for alcohol in its chemical form!

Ethanol isn't the only alcoholic chemical

Although ethanol is a chemical form found in all alcoholic drinks, it's not the only form of chemical alcohol.

Two other kinds of chemical alcohol are methanol and butanol, but these are much worse than their much-used friend. These two forms of chemical alcohol are much more toxic, potent and powerful than ethanol is.

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When consumed they can cause damages to the liver and heart, cause blindness and also death. And even though ethanol can also cause these issues too, methanol and butanol will make these issues occur much sooner and far easier. You would need a lot more ethanol than these forms of alcohol to cause the very same damages.

What can ethanol do?

Aside from being well known for being addictive, ethanol is also deadly in other ways, too.

It can cause so many issues; and cancer, gout, dementia and even death from alcohol poisoning are just a few of the things that ethanol is able to do to the bodies and minds of those who abuse it.

The only good things about ethanol is that it's a weaker version of methanol and butanol, and that in small amounts in can be safe to drink.

What are rehab centres?

Rehab centres are the places that can help people addicted to alcohol to take charge of their usage and it can prevent these issues from happening in the future. Ethanol is addictive and the experts at rehab centres have learned about its effects and how to cure people of their need to have it in their system.

Although rehabilitation facilities are not always able to cure people, the experience can sometimes be enough to help people to quit on their own. Ethanol can cause many issues for those who abuse it - and that's why we need rehabilitation centres to offer help, support and guidance.

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