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August 1st

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Our Designers


Nevoir Poses

In Closet Design

Go Frock Yourself

Dixie Dandelion and Designs

Blow Up



Bad Bunneh


Something New



Pink Soul




Designs By Soosy

Feline Fine Fashions

Luxury Fashion

Love Lace

Aristocrat Poses

Modern Nostalgia

Shaman's Hut


Inventory Trends

Changed Seasons

Fnordian Magic & Gadgets

Lady Dragons Design

Moon Shell

Ride Em Hardcore

Brad Nix Design

!T.Z! Poses


After Midnight Fashion

Face Desk

Candy Kain Fashion

Neurotic Neko Racing

Stone's Works


S & B Couture

Nitas Treasure Chest

Enigma Ink

Double S



Wildfloverr Design

Butter Bean


Follow The White Bunneh

Toxic X Design


Hot Gothic


LC Collection


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About Us

All Things EventsStands with the understanding of offering an equal platform for creators from around Second Life to express themselves and share their unique creations. We provide a creative outlet, a foothold for brand recognition, and the opportunity for self expression. Our events are inclusive and we welcome new applicants. Each event has a unique theme voted on by all participants as a loose guideline to aid in your creative process. Whether you create original mesh, animation or appliers, our venue offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your work alongside other ambitious designers. All things Event was founded without the intention for profit and with the belief that all designers deserve an opportunity to share their work. Our mission is to bring creators together and forge a community. Our goal is your success.

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If you believe in our commitment to our mission to offer a platform for designers free expression, don't hesitate to contact us about being part of the movement! If your interested in joining our event, applications are now open for both designers and bloggers!

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