Apartment for rent in Hanoi is your ideal pet's home

Is your pet one of your family members? Can’t you live without a four-leg companion? It’s understandable that a lot of expats are used to living with pets and they want to keep this hobby when coming to Hanoi. Some people even don’t consider renting a property that does not allow a pet to take up residence with them. Even though hunting apartment for rent in Hanoi is already challenging itself, the city is a pet-friendly environment with available amenities and communities which can make not only make you but also your pet feel satisfied. Let’s learn more about how Hanoi can make the most of your living experience with your pet.

  1. Most apartments are pet-allowed

From time to time, Vietnamese families have been familiar with raising a pet in their home and consider them like family. You may even see some families have several kinds of pets like cats, dog, bird, rabbit, etc.  Thus, the landlords hardly give a mind whether you want to bring a four-leg animal to the house. But still, there are some, mostly apartment owners, say no to pets in their property and they will note this clearly on the advertisement. It is advised that you should clarify with the lessor whether they have restrictions on pet accompaniment.

  1. No extra rent is required

While in other countries, additional rent per pet in the apartment is quite common, in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, the landlords will not charge extra if you bring a long a pet. Obviously, this will save your monthly expenses a lot in the context that you have to bear many kinds of bills: electricity, water, cleaning, laundry and so on. Nevertheless, it is quite common that your pet happens to cause damages to the house, even it is a well-behaved one. They can scratch the wooden floor or wall by their sharp paws, break the mirror by jumping around or ruin the mattress by their teeth. Except for your owned assets, the landlord will definitely get you paid for these damages. By training your pet, creating room for playing around and fencing up fragile and expensive decors, you can somehow minimize the messes.

  1. Pet-friendly businesses are popular

In Hanoi, it’s not difficult for you to find a pet clinic or pet care center, either in common residence or luxury complex where your pet will be treated by all ranges of services from health care to beauty services. No one wants to anticipate our furry friends getting sick; but if needed you will prefer easy access to a clinic for check-ups, vaccines or some other emergencies. Moreover, stores selling food and pet supplies are everywhere in the city so that you don’t need to go here and there to look for their necessary stuff. If you are a usual traveler, it’s good to hear that now in Hanoi you can send your pet to a pet sitter during your trip where they are thoughtfully taken care of.

  1. There are many outdoor spaces

It’s not only training that makes your pet healthy and happy, but getting them to exercise also does. It’s convenient that most of apartment in Hanoi have a courtyard where your pet can enjoy sun-bath and fetch his legs. Also, there is always a pet-owners community in an area, so your pet may have chances to make friends too. In addition, there are green parks, walking paths around lakes and outdoor recreations in the city where you can capture many running people followed by their dog. So, don’t worry that there is a lack of options for them to make some moves.

  1. Hanoi is a safe and happy environment

Every apartment has a fence at the balcony so that those four legs are always safe in the house and natural light through the balcony and windows also allows them to catch some sun. The citizens are familiar with the contest and festive organized by pet lovers for the owners to catch up and for their pets to show off their appearance and compete with each other. In such events, your sweeties have a community to join and play with their peers.