The History of the Gunpowder Plot


Take a gripping journey through a tale of treasonous history with our sliding timeline & learn about the dark events that led up to the grisly Gunpowder Plot.

All Hail A New King


During his reign as king, James I led a persecution of Roman Catholics that included the expulsion of all Catholic priests from England. His oppressive ruling angered many and led to one group of Catholics plotting to kill the Protestant king and his government.

Barrels Of Gunpowder

5th November, 1605

The gang of conspirators, led by Robert Catesby, rented a building that ran below the House of Lords. On a dark November night, Guy Fawkes smuggled 36 barrels of deadly gunpowder into the cellar where he planned to detonate them.

The Gruesome Plot

5th November, 1605

King James I was due to open a meeting of Parliament and the assassination plot had intended to not only murder the royal leader but also murder his government, who would all be replaced with Catholic leaders.

A Surprise in the Cellars

5th November, 1605

As the explosives expert in the group, Guy Fawkes was left to light the deadly fuses but he was rumbled by guards before he could execute their deadly plan. He was arrested and detained in the Tower of London, where he was tortured for the names of his co conspirators.

High Treason & Punishments

January, 1606

Some of the group, including Catesby, were shot by police as they tried to abscond, while others were apprehended and joined Fawkes in the Tower. A short trial commenced before all of the captured men were hung, drawn and quartered.

A Cause for Celebration

After evading death, James ordered the celebration of his survival every year on November 5th with bonfires. Traditionally, an effigy of the pope was burnt, but this has been replaced with stuffed ‘guys’ that represent Fawkes’ involvement in the failed assassination attempt.