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Maryland is one of Blissful Real Estate Agents core suburbs for real estate sales in Newcastle. With a population of 7000, located approximately 14km north west of Newcastle and just a short distance from Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. With a mean property price of $432,000 as of October 2016 and a rental income of $400 per week, Maryland has a diverse demographic of young families, professionals and retirees.

With an average of 14 house sales per month and capital growth of 14 to 15%, Maryland has a solid history for reliable and sustained growth. Rental yields in Maryland are 4.8 % with an average of 4.2% increase per year. Maryland is truly one of Newcastle’s favourite suburbs and this is why Blissful Real Estate are focusing their expertise on property sales and marketing for the Maryland region.

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As experts in all areas of property sales and marketing, we provide a range of high quality, customer focused property sales services.

We offer a unique range of marketing strategies that are tailored to each clients needs. Everyone in our organisation are property owners and investors from the CEO to the sign installer. Everyone in our organisation has made smart investment decisions and when you combine that with industry leading training in negotiation marketing and communication plus years of experience you get highly skilled Real Estate Professionals advising you how to achieve your property goals.

If you want to learn how to make more money from a property you own or your interested in buying a new home with a tailored strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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