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Yama has 2 additional locations: One in Chinatown and another on Flamingo Road (near UNLV). Both locations charge slightly more for their all-you-can-eat Sushi Specials. Flamingo Sushi is Las Vegas' oldest sushi place. Sakana Sushi's location is just 5 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip at Maryland Parkway. This sushi place is famous for its affordable AYCE deals and quick service. They offer a variety of signature rolls, deepfried rolls, spicy roll, and nigiri.

Las Vegas has many great sushi restaurants. They take pride in fresh fish and transform it into exquisite dishes. The Strip has more luxurious settings and high-end sushi dishes, but there are also great restaurants off the Strip. It's a short drive away from the Strip that will take you to Chinatown and Spring Mountain Road. There are many great sushi restaurants. Yui Edomae offers fine dining in a relaxed setting with exquisitely crafted sushi, and other dishes. The food is outstanding and the prices are significantly lower than similar restaurants on the Strip.

Oysters with Uni and Ikura and Bluefin Tuna are some of the most popular menu items at Soho Japanese restaurant. Soho Japanese Restaurant has been a fixture in the Japanese-Asian fusion food scene, offering high-quality cuisines and a local feel.

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Although prices are slightly higher than at some other all-you'll-eat sushi places in the area they do offer a 10% discount on lunch (11am-3pm). A second Sushi Mon is located in southern Las Vegas at 9770 Maryland Parkway. Hikari Sushi, located only a few minutes from Sushi Mon. The sushi shop is popular for its quick service and cheap Japanese food. You can get AYCE sushi at lunch for only $24 and dinner for $28. A premium dinner menu is also available for $7.

best omakase las vegas