Sometimes, no matter how good your SEO and Ranking 'Smarts' you need a few Heavy Hitting Back Links! With Bam Bam Backlinks we've got you covered...
HOW you too can RANK #1 & profit like a video boss!
Easy TO SET Up, Powerful Backlinks That YOU Can Create SUPER FAST (+ Plugin ) !
This video is 210 seconds long  ( just sayin'  - because I know how you hate videos that you can't scroll through! )
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Clive McGonigal
Hey it's Clive here and as a full time Video Marketer I know that there are times when your videos need more Va Va Voom!

Times when smart SEO doesn't quite cut it! Frustrating I know - getting beat just because somebody posted a video before you did or has a 'busier' Channel. That SUCKS!

Let me show you how to add more Authority to create those all important page #1 rankings and make your competitors whimper in disbelief and run crying home to their Mom as you kick them off the top spot :-)
Quite simply this is cutting edge optimization known only to a handful of top video marketers and I want you to join that Exclusive Club.

Discover how to create powerful backlinks that will blow your competition away, backlinks that you can create with Zero out of pocket expenses!
  • Exploit Multiple Google Properties to supercharge your video rankings - your competition is NOT doing this!
  • Easy to Follow Video Training + Resources Cheat Sheet
  • How to 'Mix It Up' with YT Variations and + more
  • Your Interactive Mind Map for Faster Implementation
  • Our Killer Case Study = this works!
  • The Bam Bam RSS Feed Generator Plugin + Training

* See Video Walkthru below
Any ONE  Bam Bam Tactic can easily  be enough to Rank ALL of your Videos above the Toughest Competition!
But in the spirit of 'Over Delivery' your Bam Bam Backlinks training includes access to the Bam Bam RSS Plugin - create an RSS Feed out of any URL, or dozens of urls...
  • Add One or Dozens of links to a Feed - a S.E. OPTIMIZED RSS FEED!
  • Your Bam Bam Accurate  SEO Bullets are now SUPER CHARGED!
  • Immediate ranking boost using the power of Google Properties & RSS
  • Outrank established ranking videos with these SECRET tactics
  • This is the 'Double Tap' Tactic using SMART RSS aggregation
Google Properties + RSS :  Page #1 Rankings
Simply put the Bam Bam Backlinks methodology will take your video SEO to a whole new level ...
  • No spammy and questionable backlinking Gigs
  • No Private Blog Network expenses
  • No 'fake' Bookmarks and time consuming tactics
  • Google and YouTube friendly tactics? YES!
  • Zero out of pocket expenses? YES!
  • Set and forget in just hours? YES!
What's inside? Tutorials & Tools...
Outsmart, outrank and outrage your competition!
See the Bam Bam RSS Plugin install and walk through video here .
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