Release 0.5.0rc5 (2017-05-10)

Baseline: f3ae88ee043846e7acdffd645137075a4e72c573

Cherry picks: - c58ba098526b748f9c73e6229cafd74748205aa1: Release to GCS: put the final release in its own directory - 0acead4ea3631240659836ce6ecd6d7f67fd352b: Update protobuf to latest master at a64497c and apply @laszlocsomor's latest changes from on top of it. - d0242ce4a87929f2528f4602d0fb09d1ccfcea94: Make symlinks consistent - d953ca8b87a46decbce385cebb446ae0dd390881: Clean VanillaJavaBuilder output directories - 755669fb5de1f4e762f27c19776cac9f410fcb94: Pass all the environment variable to Bazel during bootstrapping - 6f041661ca159903691fcb443d86dc7b6454253d: Do not mark the JDK7 installer -without-jdk-installer - 720561113bfa702acfc2ca24ce3cc3fd7ee9c115: Fix #2958: Installer should not overwrite bazelrc - 511c35b46cead500d4e76706e0a709e50995ceba: Bootstrap: move the fail function to the top - 8470be1122825aae8ad0903dd1e1e2a90cce47d2: Clean up javac and Error Prone targets - 4a404de2c6c38735167e17ab41be45ef6fc4713a: Update javac version to 9-dev-r4023-2 - 36ce4b433e19498a78c34540d5a166d4e0006b22: Update javac version to 9-dev-r4023-2 - 38949b8526bdb3e6db22f3846aac87162c28c33f: Migrate off versioned javac and Error Prone targets

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