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How To Escape A Foreclosure 

One thing every homeowner dreads is having their house taken back because they could not meet up with payments. That is why even if most people miss out on any payment for the month, they would always clear things up with their mortgage company. What other choice do you have? If you get foreclosed, you could be homeless and your problems could get worse. 

Still, many things could prevent you from meeting your monthly commitment with your mortgage company, including the loss of a job. Missing it for a month does not immediately spell doom, as you do not receive a word from them. It is only after you do not make any payment for 120 days, or four months, that you receive a letter from them asking you to pay within 30 days, a feat which is impossible in your condition. Negotiating with them on your own might not work, since they would be unwilling to understand, that is why you should seek legal help to Bankruptcy lawyer Tauntonstop foreclosure near me


Stop foreclosure Taunton 

By meeting up with a lawyer, you are reassured that nothing is going to happen to you. He would work to see that you are not rendered homeless. The lawyer would contact the mortgage company to see if there are ways the issue can be sorted out, including making modifications to the original payment plan to accommodate your new financial state. 

Now, you could be asked to pay less money or pay less regularly like you used to. The lawyer also suggests new plans to you, such as declaring bankruptcy, as this prevents the mortgage company from making demands from you since the court issues an automatic stay or a debt settlement. Whatever decision you decide on, having a lawyer by your side would let you retain the house. 

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Chapter 7 attorney Taunton

Our Services To Help You Deal With Debt

No one loves owing. It can be very embarrassing to be disturbed with calls by creditors at every time. You can not do anything in peace without being reminded that you owe money somewhere. The one truth is that nobody planned to be in debt on purpose. Life is full of circumstances that could prevent you from fulfilling your financial obligation. The bad thing is that your creditors would not be willing to reason with you and you cannot blame them since they need their money. 

We understand that that is why for many years, we at Benner and Weinkauf, P.C have been providing families around Taunton with the best form of a solution that would make them free from their debt and offer them a new start. Some of the services we help you with include 


Bankruptcy stops your creditors from going after you. Depending on the kind of bankruptcy you apply for, some of your assets might be paid off to offset part of the debt, which leaves you debt-free. Bankruptcy also allows you to renegotiate your payment plan with your creditor so that you can choose a new mode of payment that can fit what you have in your pocket. 

Bankruptcy lawyer Taunton

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Debt settlement 

You can also choose to offer your creditor a lump payment which is usually substantial, but not up to the true debt you owe them. This depends on if the creditor would agree, but a good Tauton debt settlement attorney should be able to make terms that would be favorable to both you and your creditor so that everybody gains. 


No one wants to be homeless and we know that fact, that is why we would work with your lender to see that you are given more grace, as you exploit other plans to pay what you owe. 

We have qualified and experienced lawyers to help you with your case, offering you all the necessary assistance you need. 

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