What are The Features of Electric Toothbrush For Kids

Various Brushing Modes

Many electric toothbrushes offer different modes, which can adapt the cleaning process to their own needs and make the toothbrush more flexible. Really urgently needs these modes no one, flexibility, however, is still always good.

Second Handpiece

Some models are available with a second handpiece for a small extra charge in an equipment variant. Two electric toothbrushes are thus obtained. This can be recommendable with good offers, because especially in families with children a toothbrush is usually not sufficient. Also as a single such a package can be useful and the second device simply serve as a cheap replacement toothbrush.

Timer With Interval Function

A timer is so comfortable to use and incredibly helpful, that one should make models without a timer. At the beginning of the cleaning period, the timer starts automatically and alerts you to vibrations, sound or light signals after the recommended cleaning period of 2 minutes. In addition, some models offer an interval function, each after 30 seconds indicating that it is time to move to the next quadrant. So you can be sure that not only the favorite places are thoroughly cleaned.

Pressure Sensor

An absolute must also be the pressure sensor with an electric toothbrush. This monitors the pressure that is applied to the teeth when brushing with the brush and alerts the alarm as soon as it becomes too large. Just newcomers tend to brush with an electric toothbrush too vigorously, instead of leaving the work of the brush. Through the pressure alarm, you are then always reminded to let it go loose and thus teeth and gums carefully.

Charging Station

Since almost all models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, even the most are equipped with a charging station. These can either be minimalist and offer only space for the handpiece or else be really big. There are then also several brush heads place, however takes so a station then also significantly more space in the bathroom.


case A case is hardly needed in one's own home and is often dusty in some wardrobe. When traveling, however, it is all the more useful because a safe and, above all, hygienic place in the case, the toothbrush is so safe. Read more for electric toothbrush reviews at http://www.dentalrave.com