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Viper pool cues? Oh yes, it’s the best brand in town. When all you need is a pool cue that is simply perfect for your kind of game, Viper pool cues will take care of that. Internationally famous for their incredibly designed cues, Viper pool cues would surely satisfy each and every one of pool fanatics, veterans and beginners alike. In addition to their handsomely created graphics, the comfort, strength, and grip that you need for a winning game is also perfectly showcased in every cue of this line. Made from nothing else but the finest pool cue materials, there is no doubt that Viper pool cues is the line that offers the best professionally made cues. Their meticulously hand-crafted pool cues offer a lot of options that consider every single individual’s unique preferences in cues. All pool cues in this line are made from the finest and carefully chosen maple. The timber used undergoes thorough air-drying process for a couple of years, and after which, a minimum of six months for kiln-dry. These fine pool cue materials would go through the careful process of production, making sure that every detail from the tip to the butt is properly taken into account. To make sure that the cue is straight, a seven-layer protectant seals the cue butt. Also, the linens used for wrapping each Viper pool cue undergo the same cautious process in the production. The tip is made out of the best professional and durable leather material. The joint comes with a stainless steel material to ensure the condition needed in a faultless game. Viper pool cues offer a wide variety of beautiful designs. Their series showcase innovative and stylish collections of cues coming with multiple inlays, graphic tattoo designs, camouflage designs, and other original artworks. They also have Ace of Death, Grim Reaper, and so many more eye-catching graphic designs. With their wide variety of elegantly unique designs, you can play your pool game with a different level of sensation that your friends would certainly envy. Fine craftsmanship is what every cue of the Viper cue line means. However, despite the durability, high quality, and attractiveness of the Viper pool cues, prices remain to be on a reasonable level to every pool fan. Made available with a price tag that an ordinary pool fanatic can easily manage, everyone is given the opportunity to own a decorative and high quality pool cue that looks like a million-buck cue. Have one of the Viper pool cues and be the king of the pool hall. With you carrying one of the best pool cues in town, you can play like a real champion and get a lot of attention with your rich-looking and elegant pool cue.  

Brands of Pool Cues

Cuetec Pool CuesCuetec Pool Cues-Hundreds of major titles including no less than 9 World Championships have been won using the legendary Cuetec hit, balance and power. Just ask past and present World Champions as well as many other pros who play exclusively with Cutec.
Fury Pool CuesFury Pool Cues- The Beginning: In 2000, a small group of people came together with one goal; To build a pool cue that has the hit, feel, and balance of the best custom cues, yet at prices affordable to most people who work for a living.
Sierra Custom Pool CuesSierra Custom Pool Cues - Sierra Custom Cues are a high-quality, very low production cue. Crafted by hand, with strong attention to detail, they are frequently hard-to-find since so few are made and the quality is so good.
Sterling Pool CuesSterling's mission to bring you the finest pool cue values in the world. We produce cues using the best materials, to the tightest standards and with the coolest designs. We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Thus we can offer a great selection on great cues. We invite comparison because we know our products and we know the competition's products. Sterling excels in all points that make a good cue.
Tiger "X" Pool CuesTiger "X" Pool Cues - The Tiger Cues shown in this collection are a demonstration of a lifelong pursuit for exquisiteness in creative design and functionality. Finesse and durability are at the core of the Tiger Cues that Tiger Products manufacture. Advanced production techniques and fine workmanship by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry further ensures the quality of each Tiger Cue for years to come.
Viking Pool CuesViking Pool Cues has been around since the early 60's when founder Gordon Hart hand made 2 piece pool cues in the basement of his poolroom.. Viking Cue Mfg. was incorporated in 1965 and Viking Cues were used by many top pros. Viking still believes in quality and it shows to this day, they assemble the butt sections by hand thus insuring a straight cue stick for the consumer. They also cure their wood for 12 to 18 months in a climate controlled atmosphere to ensure a straight product.

History Of Billards

  Back in the 1700's most upper class homes had a billiard table in it, it was a gentleman's game played after dinner, parties ext.  What made the difference in the game was the Billiard cue or (pool stick).  Back then pool sticks were just wood flat tipped.  If you did not strike the cue Ball straight it would slide off (a miss cue) in the 1800's chalk was introduced to get better friction between the pool cue and the cue ball, it gave you a little more control over your aiming and hitting. When the leather tip was put on the Billiard cue in the 1800's it was in England where it was perfected in 1823.  Visitor from England showed the Americana's how to use side spin on the cue ball between chalk and leather tip, English changed the game.  Now a days we call it Draw/Follow/Run/Drag.  A play that could master these skills would do very well.  The two piece Billiard cue came around in 1829.  Which made it easier to carry, store, etc.  As to modern day, Billiard Cues have not changed in shape, but now you can make one to your own taste. In the Pool Room of the 1920's the pool room had the own house pool stick (meaning that the stick belonged to the pool hall).  However, a good player would have his own pool stick,  some were hustlers, some were just good enough to invest in their own pool stick.  Today there are Pool Sticks called Sneaky Pete and .... are custom pool cues that look like pool hall pool sticks that know one knows you are as good as you are.  Hustlers use them out in the pool hall bar types.  In 1961 a character "Fast Eddy Felson" in the movie "The Hustler" made a big impact onBilliard Cues/Pool Halls and Custom Sticks. Again, in 1986 the "Sequel" came out the color of money and an older "Eddy Felson" (retired) took on a younger pool hustler  "Tom Cruise" and showed him a thing or two.  After the movies people were out to get a pool cue to see if they could do the same thing that these characters did.

So, If your going to play Billiard or Pool you should always Invest in Good Equipment and Practice a lot.

More about Brands of Pool Cues

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