What is cricket all about?

Cricket is believed to be the father of American baseball. Both games combine bouncing the ball with a wooden stick and scoring thanks to running in a designated zone.

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Two teams of 11 players play. When one of them (bowler) throws the ball towards the goal, i.e. three vertical posts (wicket), the opponent (batsman) is supposed to prevent the target from being hit. He tries to hit the ball with a stick and before the opponents on the field (fielders) grab it and hit the wicket, he changes places with his teammate standing in front of him, next to the bowler. One swap is one point (run). Four runes are obtained without running if the batted ball goes beyond the boundary, and six runes - when it leaves the boundary before it touches the pitch. The goal of the bowler team is to eliminate all opponent's batsmen in the fewest number of throws possible. Batsman can be put out in many ways.
The most common occurrence is when: The batted ball is caught by the player before contacting the court; the bowler directly hits the goal with the ball; the thrown ball will strike the batsman's protectors before it touches the stick and the referee decides that otherwise, it would have hit wicket; one of the players on the throwing team will hit the goal before the runners are in a designated safe zone. The team with the most runs wins. The playing field is oval in shape, can be of various dimensions and generally 200 m in circumference. The ball, made of cork, weighs about 280 g and is covered with leather with visible seams. The match is judged by two referees.