Decline in male libido - what to do to make you feel like sex?

So far, the decline in libido has been considered a typically female problem. Today, men are also struggling with a decline in libido. It is estimated that the problem may affect up to 12–13% of Europeans between the ages of 40 and 80.

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Decline in libido - diagnosis

Recognizing the cause of libido decline is important in the context of treatment. If the cause of the lack of desire is organic (hormonal disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, epilepsy, depression), the treatment is pharmacological.
However, if the reason for the decrease in desire are psychological problems, patients are referred to psychotherapy. The effect of treatment depends on a well-chosen method and the patient's motivation.

Libido drop - what to do?

In the case of a decrease in libido, the partners of people with reduced desire are often more open to help than the people struggling with the problem themselves. A man with a low libido simply feels inferior and has a harder time admitting a decline in form.
It is often women who talk about the problem of the partner's lack of desire. Men mostly talk about it between the lines. It is almost never the main problem with which they report to a specialist.
They protect themselves, claiming that their wives are complaining about the lack of libido on their part. They pretend they don't understand it. The problem of decreased libido should not be a taboo subject, especially since it is becoming more and more common among men.

Erectile dysfunction and libido disorders

Erectile dysfunction is directly related to penile erection. Mental causes are rarer than previously assumed, as they affect only 20% of patients (depression, stress, inexperience, negative experiences related to sex life).
80% are organic causes (age, the condition of the penis vessels, metabolic diseases, e.g. diabetes, operations, mental diseases, medications) and lifestyle (alcohol and cigarette abuse).

Drop in libido - what to eat?

Food can be an additional, natural method of increasing libido. Sexual desire can be rebuilt with a diet enriched with natural aphrodisiacs. These include, for example:
fruit - strawberries, avocados,
spices - cinnamon, ginger, cardamom,