Tips to Prevent You From Losing Your Earrings

Earrings are awesome, but they are so easy to lose. They’re kind of like socks. The only difference is that socks tend to be inexpensive. If you buy yourself a beautiful pair of aesthetic earrings or gold heart earrings, you’re going to regret it if you lose them.
Here’s how you can avoid losing them.

Keep Them Away From Kids and Pets

This sounds like common sense, but many people tend to forget. With kids, they can take the earrings and flush them down the toilet, or possibly choke on them if they’re mini hoop earrings, baby hoop earrings, or other small pieces.

As for pets, not only can it be a choking hazard, but pets can send them to another dimension. For example, if you leave your bee earrings or butterfly earrings on top of your drawer, your cat could jump on top, think the earrings are bugs, and swat them to some corner of the room. Keep them in a place where neither party can access them.

Get a Jewelry Box and Make it a Habit

If you have earrings, you need a box to put them in. Always take them out and put them in the box before bed, no exceptions. If you are traveling, make sure you keep the box in a suitcase at all times.

With a jewelry box, you can use anything to store them. Ice cube trays, zipped containers, or even sticking them in a cork board are some clever ways to store them. You may want to get a container that lets you organize. You can separate your red hoop earrings from your pink earrings or cherry earrings, for example.

Hook Them to Each Other

If your earrings can hook to each other, why not hook them together when you are not using them? This means that you won’t lose one and have the other, and having them together can make them easy to find as well.

Don’t Sleep in Them

Sleeping in your neon earrings or cherry kiss earrings can be dangerous. It can possibly tear your ears, and the earrings can fall out and end up falling somewhere. The only exception to this rule is if your earrings have been pierced. Recently pierced snakes and earrings should be kept in your ears for about six weeks, or until you get the go ahead to remove them.

Live and Learn

If you do lose them, try to learn from your mistakes. Write down where you lost them, and how you think they got lost. Then, try to figure out ways to prevent yourself from losing them in the future. This way, you’ll be less likely to lose them in the future.


Everyone loses jewelry, but there are ways to prevent yourself from losing them. By being mindful and having a spot away from kids and pets, you are far less likely to lose your earrings and other jewelry. Good luck keeping them safe.