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We understand that the choice of your Student Housing should be one that allows you access to comfort and convenience and this is why we have made sure that all of the Apartments For Rent that we offer in our apartment complex are those that meet the highest quality standards.We make sure that all of the rooms we offer are Furnished Student Apartments that have been designed to offer the latest and modern amenities that will make your life a lot simpler and hassle-free.Many students have chosen our apartment complexes for their needs and have found that we offer them a housing solution that is unparalleled.A lot of our tenants have continued to recommend us to others for a lot of reasons, some of these include;We know that the world has gone digital and this is why we have made sure that all of the services we offer are those that can be accessed online. We offer a hassle-free rent payment platform that allows you to securely pay your rent online from anywhere. You can also set up an automatic payment to make sure that your rent is always submitted and on time.We also offer you a platform that allows you to submit all of your maintenance requests online while being sure that they will be attended to as promptly as possible. With our online portal, you can rest assured that you will enjoy seamless communication at all times.


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At Bluesky Living, we are more interested in your comfort and this is why we offer some of the best Student Housing in and around the areas we serve. One of the Apartments For Rent that we operate is located at 2503 Hughes and offers you a chance to choose between the 1 to 4 bedroom apartments suitable for you and a group of friends.We understand that you are interested in fully Furnished Student Apartments and this is why we make sure that all of the properties that we offer are those that have been newly renovated, offer modern design and also allow you access to some of the best amenities you can wish for.Our apartment complexes offer you access to a free internet connection to aid your research, reading, and learning while we also offer additional perks that improve the standard of your living while also boosting the quality of your life.Our student housing solutions have been designed primarily to save you money and this is why we guarantee some other amenities like the laundry room that saves you money on laundry, a student lounge that offers you private access, and many more.

Our facility is securely guarded and added to this, we offer keyless entry and smart lock solutions that allow you to live a hassle-free life, one that does not expose you to the troubles of lost keys and more.We have an online portal that makes safe and secure payments possible while also providing you with the perfect communication channel with our property managers and maintenance crew. Rest assured that we will make sure that you enjoy the best quality of life while being a tenant here.Other amenities we offer include heated bathroom floors, new hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, granite countertops, wireless charging, large living space, eat-in kitchen, security cameras, electric scooters, Bluetooth speakers and more.


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Bluesky Living is one of the leading providers of fully Furnished Student Apartments in the Hughes area. We are a team of professionals who put your needs first. We know that you are interested in a sleek, modern apartment, one that offers you a superior level of comfort and this is why we make sure that all of the Student Housing that we offer are those that will meet and exceed your standards.We focus on helping you be as comfortable as you can be and this is why we have made sure that all of the apartments we offer at 2320 Hughes are fitted with modern amenities including a modern design layout, new hardwood floor, stainless steel appliances, and amazing high-class finishes.Rest assured that when you choose any of the Apartments For Rent that we have, you will be provided access to the roof deck, an area where you can relax and let your tension out while refocusing on the important things.We have also made sure that all of our fully Furnished Student Apartments are pet friendly, that is, we are open to you bringing in your fur buddy as your companion when living here.

We offer other amenities including a laundry room that allows you to save more money on laundry, wireless printing for all of your needs, whether you are looking to print a term paper or postage stamp.Rest assured that access to our apartment complex is restricted only to the use of smart keycards, this means that you no longer have to worry about the annoying sound of clanking and jingling keysets while also enjoying unlimited access to the apartment complex, your room, and other public areas.Rest assured that our apartment complex offers additional amenities like 24 hours maintenance help, electric scooters for easy transportation, heated bathroom floors, access to the student lounge, granite countertops, eat-in kitchen, wireless chargers, hardwood floors, dishwashers and more.


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