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The most important advantage to owning a skid steer backhoe is the rugged dependability and the ability to work in small spaces and difficult terrain. However, most skid steer backhoes are not very affordable and therefore the majority of first-time buyers to choose a cheaper, used version. There are many ways to avoid spending too much money while still acquiring the machine you need, including choosing a reputable dealer, training and licensing, purchasing used from a trusted owner, and investing in quality used skid steer backhoes.If you are considering buying used equipment, it is important to find a reputable dealer so that you get a good warranty, service, and purchase at a reasonable price. Many skid steer haulers are small, four-wheel drive vehicles with a bucket on the back which is operated either by one or two powerful arms. These machines are usually powered by fourstroke engines with variable valve timing, which allows the driver to choose more power or a lower horsepower. Although a reliable skid steer operator can be difficult to find, there are a few things you can look for that indicate whether the person operating the loader is experienced and licensed. To be an experienced skid steer operator, you will need to be physically fit with at least average height and be capable of standing for long periods of time.Licensing and certification are important requirements to operate this type of heavy equipment because it is not only considered a dangerous work environment, but it is also against the law. Any skid steer operator who has a license must complete adequate skid steer training, which often includes hazard identification, mechanical design, and proper use of the machine. Often these operators start out working part time and increase their responsibilities as they gain experience. Before becoming a full-time skid steer operator, you should get your operator's license from your local Department of Transportation (DOT) or federal Transportation Safety Administration. There are also many courses and programs offered by local OSHA to provide skid steer operator safety training.







Used Skid Steers



If you've ever thought about owning a steam powered steer loader, you may be interested in finding used skid steers to take it on the road with you. These are often much less expensive than purchasing a new steer loader and can be a great way to save money and make sure you have a dependable piece of equipment that you can count on for years. Used skid steers can be found at many different locations, from traditional vendors that you may have seen at local trade shows to auction sites and online auctions. You may also find used skid steers at personal advertisements or even at government surplus stores. What's most important is to do your research and find a steer loader that fits your needs exactly. Whether you want a monster truck version or a compact model, the type of used skid steer you choose depends on many factors including:Experienced operators with many years of experience are not just looking for a dependable piece of heavy equipment. Most experienced skid steer loaders that are sold are in very good condition, with low mileage and no major problems.

If you buy used skid steer loader parts, make sure they're for the type of machine you own. New heavy equipment machines are built differently than used skid steers, so there will be many differences between the parts you purchase. It is essential that you don't purchase parts that will not work with your machine, or worse, replace the whole machine because you didn't recognize the right part.If you want a heavy-duty used skid steer loader but you are on a budget, consider buying used skid steer loader models that are affordable. These are often available through companies who specialize in used equipment and their parts. For example, Ironwood Products sells used skid loader models like the Stoughton 4050HD. While it is not as powerful as some of the other popular skid steer loader models, it is still a great buy if your needs are for a little bit of heavy-duty work and not a constant stream of lumbering work.






Track Loader


The new Cat 963 track loader has all these traits making it ideal for any site in today's world. It offers a variety of new advances such as a wet compartment wet bag recovery system to help reduce the environmental impact of the track load. The new Cat 9 63rd track loader is ideal for a wide range of applications from earthworks and road construction through to wet-storage or quarrying. Also featuring a wide range of interchangeable drop deck lids, the versatile track loader is easy to maintain and service and offers a competitive cost saving benefit when compared to many other track loaders on the market today. The overall result is an extremely versatile track loader that can be used for a variety of applications and one that is capable of handling most of today's modern day track jobs.The innovative hydraulically assisted lifting bucket ensures maximum versatility and ease of operation and allows operators to quickly and easily move the bucket over varying terrains. By offering the latest in track loader technology this machine is capable of achieving incredible precision and versatility thanks to its unique Auto Pilot System. The track loader is equipped with two independent control mechanisms allowing it to be operated with one hand whilst remaining fully automatic during operation. The track loader also features fully adjustable struts which are fitted for maximum track loader power and stability and allow the machine to achieve a varied loading heights depending on the application. With a multitude of attachments available from crossbar track, boom lift, bucket truck and skid steer loader attachments the versatility of the track loader is unrivalled and enables operators to perform a wide range of tasks with ease and confidence.



The latest model in the line, the Thiessence Steger Blade is equipped with new and innovative technology that provides greater load capacity than its predecessors while offering increased cutting efficiency and cutting-edge power. The Thiessence blade is capable of delivering both shear force and high speed performance at a lower price thanks to the use of optimized stepper and pinion drives. The Thiessence Blade is designed to reduce blade slop whilst increasing overall blade life by up to 30%. This makes the Essence one of the most cost effective track loaders on the market, enabling operators to offer consistently high performance and a consistently good value for money.With the increased popularity of farmers' markets , as well as the online marketplace, there are a vast number of places where you can purchase used skid steers and other farm machinery. Some places will allow you to try the machine before you make the purchase or will allow you to have a look at the used machine beforehand, and may even let you assemble it for a while to make sure that you understand how to use all of its functions. However, buying used equipment from a dealer, especially if you are buying used skid steers, is a much safer bet, and it is generally the case that what you see on the Internet is what you get in reality.


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