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We have mattresses all sizes If you don't want this to happen in your life and you haven't changed your mattress for a long time ago, then you should consider contacting Boxdrop, a Mattress Store in Clearwater, Florida. Since many years ago, we have provided the best mattresses in the area at the most affordable prices. No matter the size of the mattress that you're looking for whether it is king, queen or individual, we have them all for you. If you have been going through different situations in which you can sleep very well and you have had problems falling asleep, then you should consider changing your mattress immediately.


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An old mattress can cause different pain Another problem that an old mattress brings to a person's life is that they start feeling different pain because the mattress is not comfortable anymore. This includes back pain, lower back pain, and even neck pain. Many people don't know what the root of the problem is but the reality is that the mattress is not functional anymore. To avoid this, you should change your mattress immediately and get it in a place where you can get it at affordable prices. Boxdrop mattress and Sofa Store can´t be compared to any retail store. You can go to a retail store and get a mattress, but you will surely get it at a very high price.


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Our affordable prices have no comparison, therefore many people have recommended us and now we have become one of the best mattress and furniture companies in the area. Don't look further, contact Boxdrop, Furniture Store in Clearwater Florida today and rest assured that every time you get a mattress with us, you will get comfortable, beautiful, and nice furniture for your house.

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Call us today at 727.412.2280 where a specialist will give you all the information you need or visit you can visit our website and choose a mattress that best fits your needs and budget. Don't look further, contact us today and rest assured that after you sleeping in our mattresses, you won't have any health problems or sleeping disorders anymore. Call the number one Mattress Store in the area today.

Click Here to Call Us: (727) 412-2280

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