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BoxDrop Duluth Expands Store Inventory, Now Carries Furniture for All Needs BoxDrop Duluth started as a closeout and clearance sale store for mattresses in and around Duluth. Over the months which have rolled into years, we have become the consumer choice store for all things related to quality and affordable mattresses in the area. We have been able to build followership that relies solely on the promise of top quality mattresses offered at the best prices that cannot be seen anywhere else. Stemming from the success we have enjoyed over the years from the sale of a wide variety of mattresses, we have expanded our inventory to also offer a wide array of Furniture options for homes and commercial uses.



Similar to the mattresses we carry, we deal directly with manufacturers and name brands, this means that you can get a wide variety of premium quality Furniture at a discounted price. To ensure affordability, we have also cut out middlemen in the entire sales process, this means that every one of our customers deals directly with us, allowing us to monitor the process to ensure that you get the maximum level of satisfaction from the products chosen. Our store is open to having you visit and take a look at the Furniture options we carry. You can also call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment, this allows us to better offer you a personalized service as you look through our inventory for a combination of Furniture that is perfect for your home, studio or office.


Memory Foam

While browsing our selection of top shelve furniture sourced from leading manufacturers and available in a variety of designs, material options, colors, textures, and finishing, you can also browse through our Mattress collection to choose the best one for a better night’s sleep. Visit us today to get started with the top choice furniture for your home and office or look through our Mattress options which include firm mattresses, Memory foam, Euro Top mattress, Pillow Top mattress, specialty sleep mattress and more.

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We carry a wide range of mattresses that have been designed for comfort and overall health improvement. Some of the mattresses you will find in our store include the Euro Top Mattresses that have been uniquely designed to provide deeper sleep and improve health, specialty sleep mattresses that have been engineered to reduce pressure points, decrease sleep temperature and overall provide the maximum possible support and comfort to all body types. We also have a range of firm mattresses that have been improved upon over the years to offer the most comfort and relaxation while you sleep. Reach out to us today to get the best mattresses and Furniture at discounted prices.

Click Here to Call Us: (218) 491-1801

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