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If you are looking for a Furniture and Mattress store with fair prices, a variety of products, and great discounts,  Box Drop San Diego is the right option. We offer you many products for your home. Here are someOur products are new and we liquidate products for a national store that gives us great discounts because we purchase a big quantity. These discounts can be from 50% to 80%. The products that we offer you have a warranty and they are brands that are well-known and of excellent quality. We request our customers to schedule an appointment to provide you a personalized service and reduce our costs of operations. We don't spend lots of money and lots of employees because we are a family operated business. Our facilities are not open all day so we don't spend much money on utility bills. If we are able to save money, we definitely reduce the costs of our products and pass these savings to you. 



Are you looking for a bed frame that will give your bedroom a new look? At BoxDrop Furniture & Mattress San Diego, we have a variety of bed frames for your home. You can schedule an appointment and we can provide you a personalized service and help you choose the bed frame that will match your personality. This bed frame has a rustic finishing. It is made of wood which lasts long. It also includes a platform for your bed. You can add other furniture with the same style such as night tables, dressers with mirrors and many more. The bed frame from Louis Phillip is very modern. It is made from strong materials and it comes in a variety of colors. You can request other pieces of furniture to fill your bedroom. This will give your bedroom a sophisticated appearance. This bed frame has a contemporary look. It also comes with other furniture that will complement the look of your room. It has a woodgrain finishing and it is made with durable materials. Eva is an upholstered bed frame that is made with a soft and resistant fabric. It is made for king and queen sizes. You can request it in Khaki and grey. We are sure that your bedroom will look more sophisticated with this type of bed frame.This is a contemporary style bed frame with other pieces of furniture for your bedroom. It has a wooden finish. It is very elegant and traditional. You can request the bed platform in different sizes.


Sapphire Sleep

For a wide variety of known brands at discounted prices, you can reach out to Boxdrop Prescott. We make sure that our customers are getting access to high-quality mattresses at discounted rates. Some of the major brands that we sell include Sapphire Sleep and Simmons. Each of our stores is operated locally in order to keep the costs down. You can always be assured of getting unrivaled quality at discounted rates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you’re looking to buy a new quality mattress even if you’re on a budget. Our inventory is constantly updated and you can expect new stock whenever you visit your website. Don’t let cost be the reason you’re not getting a high-quality mattress. Get in touch with us today.


You can visit your local store to compare the prices and quality. We’ve been in the business for a couple of years now and our goal is to ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best when it comes to mattresses. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today even if you’re looking for something specific or want to buy in bulk.

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