How do you know if a man is cheating?

No matter how confident we are in our partner's feelings, we all feel fear of being betrayed from time to time. For some of us, this problem appears especially in our 50s, when (completely wrongly!) We feel less attractive and alluring. When can fear of a partner's infidelity be justified?

Is he cheating on me? Check what signals may or may not mean that your partner is not being faithful to you. Finally, we'll debunk a few myths and show you that what may seem like irrefutable evidence of treason isn't always so! In fact - most of the time it is not!

1. Overly cares about their privacy
If your partner hadn't had the slightest problem with leaving your phone with you or allowing you to use his email, and now he clearly protects his private correspondence, he may have something to hide.

Such a sudden shift in privacy is often a sign that something is wrong in the relationship - it could not only be a betrayal, but also other secrets that your husband has begun to keep from you.

2. It looks and behaves differently
Just because your partner has suddenly taken more care of himself is not cause for concern; maybe it wants to impress you with its appearance. However, if you have noticed a big change in his appearance and behavior and you have the impression that you are not supposed to be the recipient of his charms, there may be something wrong.

3. Spends more time away from home
Your husband suddenly starts spending more time at work or with colleagues when he had every afternoon reserved for you before? Perhaps he is actually spending his free time with someone other than just old friends.

4. He gets angry for no reason
You ask your husband something, and he suddenly bursts into anger and accuses you of being nosy? Or maybe he lacks composure in other situations as well? It often happens that a cheating partner who has something to hide reacts with unjustified anger to ordinary conversation. Constant arguments can also weaken your relationship, which is never a good sign.

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