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Burbank Dental Lab is an important part of a dentist's practice. It ensures the quality of their work and provides the best service to their patients. An onsite lab also allows the dentist to assess the needs of their patients during their initial visit. In this way, they can take molds of the teeth to see what changes are needed. This can help them identify any problems in the early stages of treatment and save them time and money.

Having a relationship with a dental lab is also important because it gives the dentist the ability to communicate with them about case preferences. If the dental lab is familiar with the dentist's practice, it will remember these preferences and may even call them to discuss case preferences. It also provides flexibility for the dentist and gives him or her the opportunity to give direct feedback and call in favors whenever necessary.

Another benefit of a dental lab is the fact that it can complete all of the dental products and services for the practice. While a full-service lab may be more expensive, the dentist doesn't have to worry about hiring a technician or buying expensive equipment. Instead, the lab has all of the latest information about the patient and can make customized items quickly and accurately.

A dental laboratory technician's job responsibilities are varied, but they always follow the dentist's instructions. Technicians create dentures and partial dentures, bridges, crowns, veneers, orthodontic appliances, and other dental prosthetics. They also complete dental lab paperwork and mentor other technicians. On average, a dental laboratory employs two to three technicians.


An onsite dental lab allows for greater control of treatment and ensures quality. In addition, it gives the dentist the option to check the shape and formation of a patient's teeth at the initial appointment. This will allow the lab technician to make precise moulds of the teeth. These early moulds allow the dental technician to easily find any problems during the early stages of the procedure.

Dental Lab

Dental Lab near me technicians may specialize in porcelain and crowns. They usually work in large dental laboratories and in dentists' offices. They must have a high school diploma and a few years of experience. Depending on the area of specialty, they may need to take additional courses in metalwork, chemistry, and art. Once they have gained experience, they can take certification exams. Additionally, training in computer skills and programming is beneficial for dental lab technicians.

Dental laboratories work with dentists to manufacture dental prosthesis and dental appliances. These prosthetics may include removable dentures, bridges, implant crowns, and orthodontic appliances. In addition, dental laboratories can create splints, clear aligner models, and biocompatible surgical guides. They can also produce fixed models and patterns for complete dentures.

Dental technicians work in dental laboratories to produce dental fixtures and fill prescriptions from dentists. They also create dentures, bridges, and crowns. These devices are made from materials such as plastic molds of the patient's mouth. Some dental laboratories also have high-heat furnaces and electric drills for making these dental devices.

As the dental industry expands, the need for reliable labs increases. Finding a trusted lab partner can help you expand your practice beyond single-unit crowns and expand into full-mouth cosmetic cases. Additionally, a trustworthy lab partner can help you transition into new technology. Investing in a relationship with a quality dental laboratory can help you achieve your goals and make your patients happy.

Burbank Dental Laboratory

Burbank Dental Laboratory are specialized facilities that manufacture dental prosthetic devices according to the specifications of a licensed dentist. They are regulated by the FDA as medical devices and are subject to quality system and good manufacturing practice requirements. In some cases, they are exempt from manufacturer registration requirements. Dental laboratories employ skilled technicians who design and construct oral fixtures, according to patient impressions.

Quality dental laboratories have modern equipment, such as efficient milling units and digital scanning. They also strive to meet the dentist's deadlines and provide excellent customer service. In addition, they will be willing to offer suggestions for difficult cases. In addition to maintaining state-of-the-art equipment, a dental laboratory should be eager to adopt new technology.

Technology in dental laboratories has improved the efficiency of dental offices. The use of digital imaging and 3D technology have improved the quality of finished products. They have also increased the efficiency of dental offices and improved care for patients. These technologies make it possible for dental laboratories to create quality dental products. This makes dental procedures faster, easier, and more comfortable.

The technology in dental laboratories is constantly evolving. As such, dental technicians must have a thorough understanding of tooth anatomy, masticatory functions, and the materials and processes used in dental procedures. Moreover, they need to be knowledgeable about high-tech materials, including zirconia, ceramics, and metal alloys.


When it comes to dental labs, choosing the right one is important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you want to make sure you choose one that provides a complete range of services. A full-service dental laboratory can offer you one-stop-shopping and a dedicated team that supports your entire practice. Secondly, you want to choose a lab that specializes in your area of dentistry, which means it takes full responsibility for the success of your case.

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