Repairing phones and buying a new one - what is more profitable?

One of the most common reasons for repairing phones is a spider on the screen. Smartphone users and service technicians often grapple with this fault. A moment of inattention is enough for the phone to unfortunately fall to the floor. Especially ladies carry smartphones in their purses along with other items that can damage the phone, e.g. keys. If the equipment fails, it is worth considering what is more profitable - repairing phones or buying a new one. We present the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions.

Repair of phones under warranty
If your phone is under warranty, it is worth going to the manufacturer's point of repair and negotiating favorable repair conditions. Unfortunately, any cracks or so-called spider veins are considered to be mechanical damage that results from the user's fault. In this case, you cannot take advantage of free phone repair, but it happens that hidden technical flaws affect breakdowns, so it is worth asking the service provider. Be sure to take the warranty card and proof of purchase of your phone with you.

If your equipment is not under warranty, then it is worth going to a proven telephone service and asking for a quote. First of all, it is necessary to answer two questions - whether the cost of repairing the phone will not be higher than its value and whether you decide on an authorized service or repair point.

Repair of phones in a proven service
By choosing a proven telephone service, you have a guarantee that it will be carried out correctly. The service uses the most modern tools for diagnostics to quickly determine the cause of the failure. At the same time, the cost is much lower than in the case of repair at an authorized service center, where the cost usually exceeds the value of the equipment.

Moreover, it is possible to recover lost data, which is of great importance nowadays. Phones are also a notebook, an album with memories and a calendar. Losing everything can be quite a problem. A professional service will ensure that the data is preserved. You also get a guarantee for the service. If something bad happens to the replaced part, you have the right to file a complaint and thus demand that the defect be rectified free of charge.

Repairing a phone or buying a new one?
It is worth buying a new phone only in one case - when the cost of repairing the equipment significantly exceeds its value. Otherwise, there is no need to incur such high costs, as the repair may make your phone fully functional and you will not lose any important data.

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