Why is it worth studying abroad?

10 reasons why you should study abroad
Are you thinking about studying abroad, but you don't know if it is really something for you? If you ask anyone who has studied abroad, they'll probably tell you that they are for a completely life-changing experience, and also one of the most rewarding things they've ever done. Perhaps a look at what you can learn and learn while studying abroad can help you make a decision.

Possibility to make friends for life.
While studying abroad, you will not only meet a new culture, but also other international students who are away from home and looking for foreign friends like you. This situation creates an excellent opportunity to make new, long-lasting friendships.

Possibility to learn foreign languages.
There is no better and more effective method of learning a foreign language than studying in a country where the language is spoken every day. You will certainly find that when a foreign language surrounds you on all sides, learning it is very simple.

Possibility to broaden horizons.
When you study abroad, you learn about a world of things that you would not have the chance to find out about at home. A few months after you come back, you will see the world from a much wider perspective and in a completely different way. You may not even realize it is possible at all.

Opportunity to learn about other cultures.
Cultural differences are about more than just differences between languages, cuisine and customs. Real differences are something invisible and intangible, they influence the way we understand the world. You can't learn it just by reading books or watching TV programs. Only when you are in a country for a long time can you truly understand a foreign culture.

The ability to get to know yourself.
If you have studied abroad, you will return home with new views and ideas about yourself and a new perspective on your culture. The experience of studying abroad will provoke you to reevaluate your current beliefs, to strengthen or change them.

Traveling possible.
Semester breaks from studies and weekends allow you to travel and get to know the country where you are studying. Since your studies may take place in a completely different country from your home country, you will discover places that you would otherwise not be able to visit at all. You can organize a trip with your friends, or find out if someone else, such as a student organization or the university itself, is organizing an interesting trip.

Opportunity to gain life experience.
Being in a completely new environment can be scary at times, but also very exciting. You will come across situations that are completely new to you. This is a great opportunity to learn to adapt and respond skillfully, discover your strengths and possibilities, overcome difficulties and solve problems. You will find that these are the most useful skills in life.

The opportunity to study exactly what you are really interested in.
“Studying abroad can give you a choice that is not possible at home universities.

Possibility to learn in a different way than the one you have known so far.
While studying abroad, you can experience completely new ways of learning and teaching. Studying abroad is likely to be very different from the way you have studied in school so far. Knowing about other ways of teaching and learning is very useful as it helps you understand that there may be several ways to do the same thing.

Opportunity to get a dream job.
Did you know that only less than 5% of people study abroad? At the same time, globalization is progressing around the world. Companies from all over the world invest in other countries all the time, thus creating a need to employ people who can cope with working in different cultures. From the employer's perspective, a person who has studied abroad is independent, self-motivated, willing to take on new challenges and able to cope with adversities and problems. Your experience of living and studying in a foreign country, learning about new cultures and knowing another foreign language can be a significant advantage in getting your dream job.

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