First flight by plane - how to prepare?

Will you be flying for the first time? Find out what such a journey looks like, what is worth taking with you and how to behave so that everything goes smoothly.

How to properly pack your bags? What can you not take with you on the plane? How does the check-in and the flight itself look like? We will help you go through it all step by step. If you prepare well for your trip, your stress will be less and you will be able to enjoy your new adventure.

The first flight by plane and luggage - what to take?
Each airline has its own baggage rules - weight and size. Already at the stage of buying a ticket, you declare how much luggage you will take with you. Before the flight, check this information carefully and pack so that the airport does not turn out that the suitcase is too heavy or there is something in it that must not be transported. Also check the law of the country you are flying to - each country publishes a list of items that are not allowed to be brought there.

You take your hand luggage and a small purse or backpack into the cabin. If you transport liquid cosmetics in your hand luggage, the capacity of each bottle must not exceed 100 ml and you must transport them in a closed, transparent bag. Checked baggage travels separately and can therefore sometimes get lost. Then the travel insurance will come in handy - if you are already there and your suitcase has not arrived after six hours, we will pay you money for which you can buy the necessary things.

First flight by plane and check-in - how to behave?
Always have your ticket, documents - ID card or passport - and money at hand. At the airport, follow the marked entrances. If you don't know something, don't be afraid to ask - the service will explain everything to you and direct you where it needs to be. Both luggage and passengers at the airport are carefully checked. As you pass through the gate, don't be upset if it beeps. Calmly follow the customs officials' instructions, and if you don't understand something - ask. Sometimes there is some metal on the clothes or shoes and it is enough to verify this. Also, never leave your luggage unattended. There is a large fine for this and explaining that you only went to the store or to the toilet will not help.

Once you are on the plane
Get in slowly and go to your seat. Follow the instructions of the flight attendants and carefully listen to the pilot's instructions. Place your luggage in a special hatch above your seat. During take-off and landing, your ears can become clogged with pressure changes - candy or chewing gum will help. You can have snacks with you. If you are traveling with an infant, you can easily bring milk on board. The restriction applies to other drinks only - you can buy water at the airport after check-in or on board. During the flight, you can get up and walk on the plane, e.g. to the toilet. But remember that if the plane has landed, it doesn't mean you can get up and start taking out your luggage. Stay there until the plane stops.

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