Tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Still, they may still be unacceptable in many workplaces. It most depends on what the tattoo depicts. Tattoos depicting our views (religious, political) or the names of life partners may not be highly valued. These are things that can change, and in some cases we should even leave the door open to change them. Not everything we believe in today may turn out to be appropriate in just a few years. It is a natural process of human development.

I do not want to impose such thinking here, but in the opinion of most people it is just like that, hence such tattoos may not be the best idea if, for example, we are applying for a job in the sales department, where our tattoos may offend other people's views.

When making a tattoo, it is worth realizing that it is something for a lifetime. There are, of course, tattoo removal methods, but they are expensive and do not guarantee complete success. The yellow dye in particular is virtually impossible to remove.
However, I do not intend to discourage tattoos. Their permanence is the main disadvantage, but also an even greater advantage. Thanks to this, we can express in ourselves this constant, unchanging, which is an element of us, our identity. There was a reason why tattoos existed long before they passed into mass culture. They were present, for example, in the army or in prisons. They appeared primarily as an element of identity, which would be a lifelong stigma of belonging, for example, to the marines.

In today's mass culture, tattoos are most often not so much an element of the identity of the entire group, but constitute the identity of a specific person. It is good to bear this in mind and choose what actually has and will be of indispensable value for us. At first glance, it might seem that a girl's name or political views could be such things. But are they really unchanging and depend only on us? And are we sure we're right? It is always worth asking yourself these questions if you are serious about a tattoo.

Now let's get down to business. How much does a tattoo cost? Most depends on the size and complexity. For professionalism, and thus often the reputation, you have to pay more. Tattoos on uncomfortable places, such as ribs or groins, will also be more expensive. We will also pay more for a color tattoo than one made only of black ink. Finally, it is also important whether the tattoo will be selected from a template or whether the tattoo artist has to design a special pattern for us. Finally, the more detailed the price goes up again.

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