How to Find a Reliable Computer Repair Service in Hove

There are lots of computer repair companies in Hove where I live like, so finding a good one can be both time consuming, and difficult. Besides, you won’t be able to tell whether the technician has done a proper job of repairing your laptop or desktop computer until after you get your device back and start using it.

With the company above, they offer a no fix no fee guarantee to make their customers more comfortable and will only charge if the device is fixed and working properly after the repair is done.

The following advice applies to computer repair services, but it may as well work for any other type of services or goods. Don’t believe everything a company says about the quality of their services. Also, don’t take everything you read on their website for granted. Many of them showcase raving customer testimonials, but how can you know if they are for real?

One way of assessing their honesty is to take a closer look at the spelling of the reviews as well as the profile names. If you notice the same spelling errors or peculiar wording in every testimonial you read, chances are they are being written by the same person.

Also, you should find a method to verify the advertising put out by computer repair companies and PC or laptop repair technicians. Everyone can claim they are able to do an amazing job, but how can you know for sure that they truly offer the high-quality services they advertise?

Start With Your Peers

Recommendations from people you know and trust are the best you can get. Ask your acquaintances for local computer repair technician recommendations.

Here’s an example of a trusted platform to find legitimate reviews for local businesses in UK:

You don’t need to meet these people face to face to find out whether they can recommend you a computer repair specialist.

The fastest way to conduct this research is via social media. Just write a status update on your Facebook page (or on whatever other social media page you want) and wait for your friends to chime in. The best thing about this method is that the friends of your friends may see your status also, so they may offer you some information too.


Ask For Credentials

Getting credentials from a service provider is tricky, as there’s a trust boundary you may have to cross to get the information you want. Avoid asking the provider for credentials – ask other people whether they’ve used those services before.

You can ask your local computer repair technicians on your shortlist for customer recommendations, but the best thing to do is to search for such recommendations yourself. Also, consider checking the financial status of these companies, either online or by contacting your local business bureau.


Trust the Experts

Forums and discussion groups can be an excellent source of information. Try to find some forums of particular brands of computers to see if you can find any recommendations of good computer repair technicians in your local area. You may also ask whether the other members have used the technician or the company you intend to use.


Compare Quotes

Getting multiple quotes is a technique you should apply to all of your purchases. Search for at least three quotes from different service providers. If one of these quotes is way lower than the others, it’s best to stay away from that provider. If they are all within the same range, you can probably trust them to be real.

Never rush into anything; take the time to look around extensively before deciding to use the services of someone. Prices can vary a lot and the most expensive is not always the best quality.

You might end up with a more competent technician at a much cheaper price.


Learn Basic Computer Maintenance Tasks

Having a little computer maintenance knowledge can help you identify a good PC or laptop repair technician. There are lots of online tutorials that explain the basics of computer maintenance. Watch them to understand what to look for in a good computer repair technician.

If you know what to look for then the process of finding the right technician for your needs will be so much easier.



It really pays to do your due diligence and you need to do thorough research before contracting any computer repair service to do the work you need.

I’ve seen some rogue elements in this sector who are not competent technicians and sometimes end up damaging your device or charging you for parts and work that are not necessary, only to try and profit as much as they can, rather than maintaining a high standard of service and building on a long term customer relationship.

Make sure you follow the steps above and it might save you a small fortune and a lot of unnecessary headaches.