Why get your dryer vent cleaned by a professional?

There are a lot of things that we do to make our household items work correctly and make them stay longer than they are expected. Some of these items require yearly maintenance, and some needs monthly, and some do not need that much care. Dryer vents are one of those items which need to be cleaned annually, but most of the homeowners do not pay much attention to it. The most common reason behind house fire in the United States is due to the lack of maintenance of dryer vents. When vents are clogged with lint, dirt, and debris, the dryer finds it challenging to get the right amount of airflow out of the space which in returns overheat it. The dryer works harder to get the job done for which it consumes more energy. This cycle can cause detrimental circumstances in no time. Therefore, cleaning the dryer vent is crucial. Now, you can try to clean the dryer vent yourself, but having a professional for this job is advisable. Below are the reasons why you should get your dryer vents cleaned by a professional.

Professionals have the right tools

There is no doubt that the professionals have the experience, knowledge, and proper tools to get the job done. You can also have a tool kit mainly available for this purpose, but some of the means might not work best for complex situations that are when you need to call a professional. For example, the tool for cleaning the dryer vent consist of brushes to scrub out the lint but for excessive dust and older piping can get damage with these brushes. The service providers have a special hose which pulls out all the dirt from vent through airflow. Service providers can also check for any other problems and fix them promptly to avoid any permanent damages.

Surety of perfectly cleaned dryer vent

One of the main things that you will have by getting the job done by a professional is surety and satisfaction. You know that the professional will do a detailed inspection and cleaning of the vent and make the suitable adjustments for better performance of the dryer.

Increased life span

Healthier appliances stay the more prolonged, and the reason behind it is the professional, which makes the machine perform to its fullest by proper maintenance with the help of his expertise and right tools. Like many other appliances, dryers also need special care, and the professionals know how to do it? Therefore, instead of doing it yourself, you should hire a service provider for an extended life span of dryer and dryer vent.

Reduce fire-related risks

The lint is known to be flammable, which can lead to horrible fire not only on your dryer but also on the house. It is seen that approximately fifteen thousand houses are burnt just because of excessive lint in the dryer vent, which causes the unit to overheat, leading to ignition for lint. The heating element can cause the lint to catch fire in the matter of no time. Hence, having it cleared out of a vent by a professional can prevent any fire-related risks.

Reduce the repairing cost

Dryers are expensive, and if you do not take proper care of it, you will end up paying more for its repair. A blocked vent causes a lot of damage and wear and tear to the dryer. The proper cleaning of dryer vent on an annual basis is the prevention of any injuries that can occur in the future. Professional cleaning of the vent will make your tasks more manageable, and it will not harm any part of the dryer, which will reduce repairing cost. If you use the dryer more frequently than you can go for the professional cleaning twice a year to ensure better performance.

Saves you time

Professional Advanpro duct cleaning of the dryer improves the performance and saves you a lot of time which you can spend in other daily chores. The clogged vent makes it difficult for the dryer to work correctly and try to compensate for the performance which overheats the dryer and it slows down the process. If you decide to clean the dryer yourself, there are chances all the blockage is not removed from the vent. You will see that it takes you more time to get the task done. Therefore, it is better to get it perfectly clean by a professional to enjoy its uninterrupted performance.

Lesser energy bills

Clogged vents make the dryer to work harder, which consumes more energy to fulfill the task, and that is not a good sign. If you ignore the cleaning of vent for a more extended period, it will give a boost to your energy bills which nobody likes. Therefore, paying for cleaning is much cheaper than paying higher energy bills. If your dryer is healthy and gets its debris and lint clean in time, you will see a significant difference in the cost energy you pay.

Prevent premature damages

The overheating because of clogged vents can cause early damages to some parts of the dryer. Also, if the vent is obstructed for a more extended period, it blocks the way of carbon monoxide gas to escape due to which it may be released in your house, which is extremely dangerous. The dryers are expensive, and also untimely damages to the dryer or dryer vent can cost you even more than regular maintenance. Only the professional can tell what can be affected by the lack of maintenance for a more extended period and fix the affected part.


There are so many service providers offering the cleaning service at different rates. But calling a professional for this task can save not only your dryer but also your house. The expert will not only clean the dryer vent but also check the whole system for any leakages or other wear and tear problems. However, you can also clean it yourself, but annual cleanup should be done by a professional to get the most out of it.