Calgary SEO - TIPS 2019

3 Website Fundamentals you need for better Calgary SEO

A website is incomplete without local SEO and vice-versa. These days it is vital to keep both balanced. Here are 3 important website fundamentals that you actually need for better Calgary SEO Services . Do regular posting of quality content on your website. Make sure to set the priority to the quality of the content that is available on your site. It should be relevant to the user and also enhance their knowledge and engagement. One can include images, videos, and text to make it more attractive and also upsurge the readability by creating H1 tag and H2 tags in the content. Google prefers the quality content and ranks the websites high on the list basis on that. Always keep your audience in your mind while developing the content. Generating catchy headings and subheadings isn’t just enough. You also need to insert the keywords they are looking for. Now the search-giant is heading towards longer-form content that can offer all the information that a user is looking for and satisfies the intention of a user. Note: Never does keyword stuffing or use black-hat SEO Services trick to fool Google, else definitely it will ban your entire website. In the end, stop worrying about keywords rather you concentrate on the user experience.
  1. Relevancy of the website: Google strives to offer the most relevant results to a user’s query. Either it is about a piece of breed or about any research. The search engine uses its own internal algorithms such as it utilizes searcher's location, history and time/year of searching. Based on these some factors, it provides best results it can. Thus, offer the content that can be relevant to your visitors.
  2. Site Speed: Today, people believe in fast life, doing work instantly, and getting things done within a short time-frame just like that, a user desires to get results quickly on the internet. However, if your website takes a huge amount of time in loading then it's quite obvious that the user will leave you in no time.
  1. Interlink pages: You need to interlink the pages that can be for more information. For instance, if you are writing on a book of a particular author then you can hyperlink or interlink that author to its own page available on your website so a user can know about the author too.
  2. User Image Alt Tags: Optimize your images available in your article and you can do it by filling the img alt tag. Generating a good amount of traffic through Google image section is also possible if you utilize img alt tag.
  3. Say No to 404s errors: Though search engines won't punish you severely for soft 404 issues (page not found the error). Encountering a 404 is annoying and makes a user think of spending time on your site. It frustrates users to visit your website. Therefore, make sure you don’t have 404 error pages. You can solve the issue from Google webmaster tools and also view how many pages you have in this category.
On the other hand, Robots.txt file instructs web crawlers how to crawl the pages of a website and what pages shouldn’t be crawled. It is a part of REP (the robots exclusion protocol) that regulates how search crawlers should access the web and index content and how to serve the content to the users. It includes directives such as Meta robots, sub-directory, follow, nofollow instructions. One should check the caches of a website to know if the search engine is actually viewing the web pages and indexing them or not. To check if your website is being properly crawled; put cache then colon before the website domain and check the date of crawled. For example- Besides these 3 important fundamentals of the website you can also include the following elements for better SEO: Also, remember about Title tags.It’s something very important from the perspective of SEO. Make sure you put the keyword you are targeting in your title tag and in your Meta description. Get a list of a few accurate keywords suiting your article the most. In a nutshell, above-mentioned website fundamentals are significant for better SEO. MRC SEO Consulting 4911 30 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T3E0V4 Phone: +1 403-386-7427