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The psychedelic world has uncovered several unique healing techniques for the mind and the soul. Disturbed minds or minds with severe clinical disorders resort to several psychedelic therapies to eliminate negativities and attain the calm that is necessary for living well. Among these therapies, our researchers have explored the world of Ketamine Therapy to find stunning effects that are quick yet safe and long-lasting. Our Ketamine Clinic in Los Angeles, California Centre of Ketamine, is home to thoughtful and experienced medical professionals. They dig deep into the world of ketamine to showcase its miraculous healing powers to the world. The use of ketamine to soothe pain dates several years back to the Vietnam battlefield. Since then, ketamine has been widely used as an effective drug that catalyzes the actions of morphine and other drugs to ease the pain. However, we knew very little about its mind healing properties curing severe mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, PTSD, and other disorders.Ketamine is an FDA approved drug. However, its usage needs to be monitored by a licensed medical professional to avoid any adverse effects. In the California Centre of Ketamine Therapy, each of our sessions is conducted by a psychiatrist and a therapist. You need a relaxing ambiance to undergo the therapy and achieve the desired results. Our spacious outdoors and calming interiors provide the best setting to relax your mind as soon as you step in. Once comfortable, we initiate our intake session that involves a thorough discussion. We listen to everything you share with us and tell you about the benefits you will derive from these upcoming sessions. 





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Unlike any other mental disorder, depression is one where the patient suffers in silence. Diagnosing depression at its early stages is as important as curing it. However, we know that not all cases of depression are easy to detect, and some even are detected when the condition becomes treatment-resistant. Most of our patients at the California Centre of Ketamine Therapy, who suffer from acute depression, have shown signs of improvement from the very first session of Ketamine Therapy. In our 90-minute sessions, assisted by both psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, the patient is injected with the right dose of ketamine under the supervision of the psychiatrist. The therapist takes over once the effects kick in, and guides the patient throughout the therapy to enjoy and unwind in the ethereal and inexplicable experience. The effect is subjective to the patient, but one common thing is that the experience detangles the knots in their minds to heal them fast and safely. If you are seeking answers regarding you or anyone else’s mental health, call us now at (213) 444-5309 and talk to us. Our Ketamine Clinic offers help to everyone who needs to recover from mental disorders. Our experts not just heal your mind but eliminate every negative thought or self-doubting, imparting confidence in you to live well and live healthily. Be it anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or any other mental disorder, our effective Ketamine Therapy and our experienced team of psychiatrists and therapists have answers to all your issues.



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Mental disorders need medical attention for prompt and permanent cure. Los Angeles has been home to several Ketamine Clinics providing relief from mental health issues. At California Centre of Ketamine, we have built a team of professionals who have dedicated their expertise, knowledge, and hard work in establishing the health benefits of ketamine. A small, medically supervised dosage of ketamine goes a long way in providing a calming effect on the mind. The emotional after-effects of injecting ketamine provide the relief that anyone with a mental disorder is looking for.Reach us at (213) 444-5309 or visit us at 522 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004, to know how we can help you overcome and heal mental disorders.We help you get prepared for the ketamine Treatment For Depression or any other mental condition so that you get the optimum results. Call us today at (213) 444-5309 or visit our clinic located at 522 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90004, to know more about our treatment process.


Our 90-minute ketamine-assisted psychotherapy includes a session with a licensed psychiatrist as well as a psychotherapist. While our psychiatrist keeps a careful watch on the drug usage, our psychotherapists make the subjective effect that ketamine has on our patients, more profound. Under the guidance of our psychotherapists, before, during, and after the session, the Ketamine Therapy has optimum effects on the patient’s mind in providing a soothing and calm effect. Several patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression have shown signs of improvement from the very first session of our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


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