6 Best Practices for Modern SEO

Modern SEO is a new definition of great user experience. Today, you no longer optimize your web pages for search engines but for users who will land your pages. Old practices aren’t much useful these days but new method generating amazing experience for visitors is what has gained more popularity among SEO practices than traditional ones. With the passage of time, SEO also changes as per market demand. Every time Google comes up with new rules to improve the SERP, small business owners, digital marketers and bloggers have to stay in synch with these latest changes. Following is the list of 6 Best Practices for local SEO:-
  1. Responsive Web Design: The search engine giant, Google has added a mobile-friendliness factor to improve your ranking in their algorithms. Since numerous users are online using mobile devices, so it is somehow important to have mobile-compatible websites. A responsive web design is certainly the demand of this era. If you go with the latest updates, you’ll win the world else will be left behind.
  1. Local SEO Optimization: Since a couple of months, users these days started searching ‘Near Me’ more than ever. People began finding products, restaurants, shops, bars, chemist, hospitals, and more places near them to go. It definitely increases the conversion rates about the business that is near the user.
Thus, focusing on local SEO optimization will give you a good outcome. For your business, add your contact details, opening and closing hours, direction to your company/shop and website link. Also, add reviews to your business.
  1. Structured Data: The three big of search industry (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) have developed schema.org as a set of site standard that makes it easy for them to understand what a website is all about and what data is available on that. Also what to index on the search engines for a particular site.
A schema is a perfect way to describe the content available on any website in a more structured way. It's a techy job since it involves adding some piece of coding in HTML format to a web page and make overall result readable to search portals. By using rich snippets, you have great chances to increase your ranking on SERP. It helps increase click-through rates; offers better marketing opportunity and let you enjoy more qualified leads etc. Google utilizes schemas for its knowledge graph, AdWords extensions/shopping campaign and rich snippets in search result pages. MRC SEO Consulting 4911 30 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T3E0V4 Phone: +1 403-386-7427 In a modern SEO strategy, you to execute all the available schemas appropriate for the specific website for more revelation to search engines. Create your own website review, test the HTML code, then run your pages with the Google testing tool.
  1. Think of People, not Robots - Good SEO Tools: Doing all things alone is difficult to take some help from good SEO tools. Just like search portals, we as a digital marketer or SEO have a lot of data to analyze. We need some great tools to check the web traffic levels, ranking position, social media results, incoming links and a bunch of other metrics that crucially plays a significant role in our SEO strategy.
Managing a single and small website is easy but taking care of more than 2 websites is a big job where you need some tools to monitor the website, especially in absence of manual monitoring. The industry has brought new SEO tools that are used for websites. Following is a list of free professional SEO tools:

Some Paid SEO tools:

In the end, you find various things that a Modern SEO professional do on regular basis.
  1. Modern Link Building: In the past, SEO was mainly associated with link building. But we all are aware of the fact that modern SEO isn't just about getting links but it's much more than that. However, links are still an important part of Google ranking algorithm and are still required for high rankings.

So, what has changed?

Many things, first of all, let’s talk about link building that is being replaced with relationship building gradually. You no longer get connected with other websites in order to have a link pointing your site but today you keep associated with others to establish a business relationship with them. If any content written on your website helps their readers, then they’ll be happy to link to you and get mutual benefits. This is how you get a vote of trust. It's an idea of natural link building and notes down one thing anything else that goes beyond these limits can get you into serious trouble. For people who believe it's a waste of time to beg for links then they better build their reputation using social media and their website' content. Make sure to add some websites to your strategy that gives you the benefit of guest posting. It's really not that difficult, you need to prepare the ground before being accepted to contribute to giant websites. All you to need to do: In addition to the above, never accept links that are easy to get as they have a negative value that can damage your rankings. Accept difficult to get links because it would have a positive effect on your rankings.
  1. User-Generated Content:
Allow your visitors to comment and ask a query on your web page, social networking profiles. Also, put customer reviews on your website. It’s important to know how your users fell about your products, services or facility to determine the potential customer base. Improving user experience will definitely lead you to score best in the top list. 10 Things to See in Calgary Alberta Calgary Alberta city is a city that has many skyscrapers and stands on a growing oil industry that just makes the path to rapid growth a piece of cake. Even though it is entering the new era on a lightning speed, it's still holding strong bonds to its western culture that has gotten the city to be proudly known as the "Cowtown", which is clearly visible in the Calgary Stampede. Right from the world-famous Calgary Stampede to the mesmerizing Calgary Towers view, you definitely will be happy you came. So, let's give you a list of the top 10 things you definitely should see while your stay at Calgary.
  1. Calgary Stampede:
The Calgary Stampede gives you a full 10 days’ entertainment as you get to know why and how Calgary got its nickname "Cowboy Town". The world-famous rodeo is held each year in July and has all sorts of cowboy-related entertainment and of course the famous cowboy breakfast of pancakes. The dress code, no doubt is totally cowboy theme with bright colored Stetsons and blue jeans. Apart from rodeo competitions, you also get to enjoy some neck-breaking chuckwagon races, agricultural shows,and the authentic First Nations village show. As the weather is quite warm and soft, it's a great way to spend your vacation.
  1. Rocky Mountain Train:
The Rocky Mountain Train is a privately-owned luxury train that runs between Calgary and Vancouver. The route cuts westward and goes through the historical Canadian Pacific line that runs on the Rocky Mountains. If you manage to travel on a good weather day, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the snow-capped "Three Sisters". A little ahead, the famous winter resort 'Banff' will be reached. The other breathtaking views to be seen on the way is (on reaching a height of 3,600 meters) the Kicking Horse Pass, the Rogers Pass and Lake Louise.
  1. Calgary Zoo:
The Calgary Zoo was founded in 1912. The zoo resides on the St. George Island situated on the Bow River. The zoo is home to many endangered and rare animal species. The zoo also hosts a botanical garden as well. Since newborn animals take birth during the spring, it's the perfect season to visit the zoo.
  1. Heritage Park:
The Heritage Park of Calgary may look like a typical village, but it's home to a pioneering period that has dozens of historical buildings that stand tall thanks to their reconstructed work. The village also has a lively costumed interpreter that range from four periods, mainly from 1860, the fur trading port, to the 1930 town square. There is an old steam engine that works as the transportation for the park. The Gasoline Alley Museum is a hands-on stop to see some vintage vehicles that are part of a grand history. Since the village is situated near to the Glenmore River, it's a wonderful place to sail, canoe, or go rowing down the river.
  1. Calgary Olympic Park:
When you reach the foothills of the mountains towards the west side of the city you will notice a strange looking tower. This tower is known as the Calgary Olympic Park. Back in 1988, this park was the prime location for the XV Winter Olympics Sports. Even today the hills are open for skiing and snowboarding. There are some opportunities to zip-line, mountain biking, toboggan,andbobsled. The Guided Ski Jump Tours are perfect for a panoramic view from ski-jump slope to watch the Calgary skyline. The Canada Sports Hall of Fame is also situated in the park.
  1. Prince Island:
The Prince's Island Park is a lush greenery land set in downtown Calgary and is on an island that rests on the Bow River. The park is near the Claire Market, making it a must stop for most of the tourists. The park has not just walking, but biking areas as well. Outdoor concerts and plays are held here during the summers.
  1. Calgary Tower:
The Calgary Tower offers a platform that gives you a mesmerizing view of a revolving restaurant that lets you sightsee at a height of 191 meters high from this landmark building. Till 1984, the Calgary Tower was the tallest tower in the city. Even though now it may not be the tallest, it still offers magnificent views of the city and of the mountain range. If you really want a breathtaking view, then you should view at sunset or the dusk time. The Tower's giant torch is also a standing symbol that once bore the Olympics spirit.
  1. Fish Creek:
Situated in the further southern part of Calgary is the Fish Creek,Provisional Park. A park is a great place for walks that take you through forests and walk down the creek as well. Fish Creek is the perfect place for people who want to be near to nature. The park also has many heritage buildings that are worth a visit.
  1. Aero Space Museum:
If you want to see the history of aviation in Canada, Western Canada in particular, then a trip to the Aero Space Museum is a must. The pilots who served during the WWII initiated the project and over the years has grown into a wonderful exhibit of aircraft, aviation art prints, simulators, radio related equipment and vital history related to the aviation industry. The museum is near the Calgary Airport.
  1. Fort Calgary:
Fort Calgary is the first outpost of the North West Mounted Police and was set up in 1875 on the Elbow confluence and Bow Rivers. The original fort foundation can still be seen. The foundations of the city can be seen in the Calgary Fort Museum. The Deane House was built to be used as the fort commandant back in 1906. A gift shop is also available where you can buy souvenirs and RCMP collection as well. Conclusion: Canada is home to many experiences. It holds home to Columbia's Rugged wilderness and the Saskatchewan endless sunburnt wheat fields. It beholds the rich north Arctic tradition along with the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia communities that stand on proud beams of itsmulticultural city, each living with its own identity intact. If you plan a trip to Canada, then make sure Calgary, Alberta is on your list.