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Why Waxing and Shining Your Car is so Important

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When you buy a car, there’s an understanding that you need to think about more than the upfront cost. You have to do things like getting it serviced, keeping the tank filled, and of course, keeping it in good shape. But a lot of people stop just short of hosing their car on a weekend or the occasional car wash visit. Anything more than that gets neglected. You might not have considered things to maintain it in the long run. If you want to know why it's so important to shine andwax your car , then read on below.

Car wax Slows Down Dirt Buildup

Your car’s shiny coat of paint can easily get wrecked with something as simple as dirt. While a spec or two might not do too much damage on their own, a buildup over time will. And it's hard to avoid dirt no matter where you live. All it takes is one drive around town or a few days of standing in the driveway to get a sizeable layer of dust. This is where waxing and shining your car can go a long way. Waxing helps create a smooth surface on the topmost layer of your car. This will greatly slow down and dirt buildup in your car. As dirt lands, it will simply slide off without sticking too strongly. This way, you can also reduce the amount of car washing you have to do. Instead of washing or wipe down your car every time you notice dirt, you can just leave it waxed.

Car wax Protection from Sunlight

Sunlight isn’t just harmful to your skin; it also induces undesirable effects on your car. Things like discoloration, oxidation, or even the paint fading over time are common. Every time you take your car out for a drive, your risk having one of these issues affect it. Now obviously, you can't stop going out in the day or hold a giant umbrella over your car. But what you can do is take the necessary steps to protect it from sun exposure. And luckily, waxing your car is a pretty good step at doing that. Wax acts like sunscreen for your car and protects it from prolonged exposure to the sun's harmful rays. This helps keep it safe from any UV based discoloration or oxidation. You practically keep your car from looking too aged.

wax Prevents Scratches

Seeing scratches on your car's body is never fun. And if definitely doesn't end up adding to its resale value. But unfortunately, you can't really be 100% safe from them all the time. All it takes is rubbing your car against something, accidentally bumping objects on it, or just having debris fly at it while you drive. In most of these cases, the damage isn't going down too deep. In fact, it rarely ever reaches the paint layers of your car. Instead, the damage is being done to the clear coat layer at the very top. They can be the most annoying thing to show up and aren't as simple to fix properly. A trip to your detailing shop for such minor scratches never seems justified for the price. And all the magical scratch removing products seem to be nothing but duds. Luckily, wax and polish are the best way to deal with them. Waxing your car on the regular develops a hard protective layer on top of the car. This minimizes damage like scratches. This way, it can protect your clear coat from getting scratched too easily.

wax Repels Water

Getting water on your car might not be fatal, but it's hardly desirable. You run the risk of developing some rust on top of the water stays for a prolonged period of time. It also develops bad water spots that ruin your car's paint and can be a pain to clean off. This is where wax comes in to save the day. Wax is mostly made up of a class of macromolecules called lipids. By nature, lipids are known to be hydrophobic. This means that they actively repel any water molecules that come near them. It’s like how holding two of the same sides of magnets causes them to resist being near each other. That's why you create an anti-water forcefield when you put wax on your car. Instead of getting absorbed or collecting up on the surface, it just slips right off. It's a great step, especially if you live in areas where it rains a lot or the climate is humid.

wax It Hides Imperfections

Uneven paint spots, minor scratches, and small dents may not seem like a big deal. But they can aggravate a car owner that expects their car to be a clean slate. And once you notice them, it’s kind of hard to forget they exist. Waxing helps hides a lot of these imperfections easily. It can create a smooth, even layer on top of your car, fill in any cracks, and minimize the size of scratches. It's a handy thing to have when you don't have the means to repaint or buff out your car.
best car wax Keeps Your Car Looking Fresh
As soon as you drive your car off the dealership floor, there’s a ticking timer for your car’s condition. It doesn’t matter how much or little you drive it around; it’s bound to start depreciating sooner or later. And if you plan on selling it in the future, that’s never a good sign. The temperature, humidity, climate, dirt, and other environmental factors all play a part in aging your car. It doesn’t matter how carefully you drive or even if you’ve never been in an accident. Even cars staying idle in garages can get old after a certain time. Waxing helps alleviate some of this problem. When you wax your car, you lock in its current state. It's like wrapping your car in protective plastic. The wax ends up absorbing most of the external damage, while everything underneath it stays fresh.