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We achieve this goal by offering you our result-driven Professional Resume Service. We have a team of experts who are experienced in the industry and ready to work with you to ensure that all of your career goals are achieved.Our main aim is not only to get your foot in the door but also to create a longer-lasting impression, one that will earn your profile a second glance and ultimately, a consideration.When you choose our professional Resume Writing service, rest easy knowing that our team focuses on strategic areas like;Compelling resume and personal brandingYou are your own brand and this is why our professional and Executive resume service is geared towards presenting your brand in the best light possible. As part of our focus, we push to let your strengths be known while also making sure that all the amazing qualities that will make you valuable to any employer are highlighted.

Rest easy knowing that we offer you a one-on-one live video conferencing service where we discuss some important topics that allow us to get to know you better and dig deeper into the fine points that make you a unique entity.We understand that employers are looking to identify what stands you out and we are ready to help them see it without them having to go through any kind of stress. Rest easy knowing that we have a track record of many clients who have told us that working with us has significantly boosted their confidence and gone a long way in helping them to set new career goals for themselves.



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Choosing a Resume Writing service is an investment in your career advancement. At Careers by Design | Resume Writing Toronto, we understand this and that is why when you choose us, we make all things worth it.We have a team of dedicated experts who handle your Professional Resume Service needs. We have a track record of success helping our clients to identify their strong areas and areas of confidence while also pushing these areas to the forefront so that recruiters and hiring managers see the unique talents, professionalism, skills, and other qualities these applicants are bringing to the fore.Our Executive Resume Service is one that is like none other. We make sure that each one of our clients is offered the attention needed so that our writers can dig deeper into their personality, skills, professional experience, and all other areas that make them unique and stands them out for excellence.Rest easy knowing that our Resume Writing service is one that is detail-oriented. Our writers will conduct a one-on-one video conference call with you, focus on your strengths with confidence and help you to realize the hidden potentials that you may have overlooked or those that you are in denial of.We have over the years earned top positive reviews from clients whom we have worked with to achieve business and career excellence.One of our many clients has this to say about our professional Resume Writing service; “I highly recommend Resume Writing service that is offered by Nadia in Career By Design. She is very professional at what she does. My resume turned out great. It makes me very confident when I apply for jobs. Also, she is very patient and whenever I needed help, she is always there and tries her best to adjust my needs. I really appreciate it.”




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Attaining career success requires you to put in the work. However, work is not everything. In most cases, you need to be strategically positioned and appear ready to take on the next challenge.At Careers by Design | Resume Writing Toronto, our goal is to help you create that long-lasting impression of your readiness to take on the next best and big thing in your chosen field and industry. We do this by offering you an unparalleled and Professional Resume Service that stands your profile out from the multitude, gets your foot in the door, earns you a second glance, and ultimately, an invite to the table.We have worked with several top managers and career-minded experts to ensure that they are offered the best Executive resume service.When you choose to work with us, we have made our Resume Writing service detailed and easy.We begin with you booking a free chat with our team and or booking your Resume Writing service. We proceed to offer you a one-on-one interview where we dig deep into your experience, professional background, skills, characters, and all other features that stand you out as a unique entity that is ready to contribute immeasurably to any employer.We also understand the need to be detailed and urgent, so we make sure that you receive your document within three business days after booking your Resume Writing service. You can also request edits and revision to the resume provided.


We have earned several top reviews from past customers. one of those reads: “Having been focused on the success of my business for so long, I had neglected my personal brand. When it came time to work on it, I didn't know where to start. In Adam I found the right person to partner with to pick out my strengths and accomplishments and create a fresh and professional resume As a business professional or a career-minded person, you need all of the help you can get to position yourself such that you are seen as the perfect candidate for the next big project or next big career move.There are tons of people applying to the same role as you, how do you stand out from the multitude and get a second look? Through a carefully crafted resume that highlights your strengths, describes your brands, and gives a hint of what you are capable of offering.At Careers by Design | Resume Writing Toronto, we help you achieve this through our Professional Resume Service. When you choose us to handle your professional resume needs, rest easy knowing that we won’t treat you like just another client, instead, we will schedule a one-on-one interview with you to better get to know you, what you offer in terms of experience, expertise, and professionalism, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you add to the workforce.We know that getting the attention of recruiters can be tricky and this is why we make sure to research into your field to better understand recruiters' behavior and how well we can position you and your brand for excellence.Rest easy knowing that we offer fast Executive resume service that will give you the best resume in three business days. Added to this, you can also order special and expedited Resume Writing services and we will make sure that you have it back in a shorter time.


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