Types of casino bonuses

Bonus for winning the tournament
Casinos often organize tournaments for players. The first places (usually from 1 to 5 or 10) receive various kinds of prizes. Their height depends on the place that the player will occupy.
Pros: The bonuses are interesting because they are not only cash prizes, but also free spins, boat trips, tickets to various events and more.
Disadvantages: There is a risk that we will not be among the winners, often you have to put up a fairly large sum of money to win.

Is it worth taking? Tournaments are an interesting game and it is worth taking part in them. Sometimes there aren't many participants so the chances of winning are very good.

Periodic bonus
This is a bonus that is given from time to time, for example every week. If we meet the appropriate conditions, we have a chance to get a bonus for a very long time.
Pros: The bonus lasts for a long time and often doesn't need to be renewed, so we don't waste any time.
Cons: The periodic bonus is not very high.

Is it worth taking? The Periodic Bonus is one of the minor bonuses that can give you some free cash. It is worth using it, even though the bonus of this type is not very high.

Recurring bonus
This bonus works similar to the periodic bonus, i.e. every now and then, if certain conditions are met, we get a bonus in the form of spins or small cash.

Pros: Every now and then we can expect something for free, low requirements
Cons: Not very big, sometimes you have to remember about it.
Is it worth taking? The bonus is not too big, but it is worth taking advantage of.

Return Bonus
It consists in the fact that from time to time we get a certain part of the money lost in the casino. Each casino calculates it differently.
Advantages: A certain proportion of the losers (5%, 10%) are returned to our account.
Cons: The amount returned is not too high, the bonus is not paid out very often.

Is it worth taking? It is worth taking advantage of the offer of a cashback casino, because even if we lose, we have a chance to recover a certain amount.

It is worth paying attention to this
Before accepting a bonus, carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion, and especially pay attention to:

Territorial restrictions - some promotions are not available in all countries, so read about it in the terms and conditions.
Compatibility - many bonuses cannot be combined with each other, ask the service person to be sure.
Automatic calculation of bonuses - some players forget that in order for the bonus to be applied automatically, you need to mark the appropriate tile.
Models for wagering bonuses - wager requirements are sometimes specific to certain games only, so not all of them count.
Bet size - carefully read in the regulations how big the bet should be.
Promotion Time - Often the promotion time is limited, so pay attention to it as well.

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