Casino bonuses

Unlike ordinary casinos, transferring funds from one online casino to another is quite quick and easy. To encourage future and current customers, these casinos offer various interesting promotions, so-called bonuses. The best example is the Welcome Bonus - usually a 100% bonus on your first deposit. This means that after logging in, your first deposit will be doubled. Does it sound too good to be true? See how it really is.


Welcome Bonus

How does it actually work? Well, it's quite simple. If the value of the Welcome Bonus is 100%, after making the first payment, e.g. $ 500, the casino will add an additional $ 500 to the player's account, which means that you will be able to play for $ 1000 in total, and there will be a catch - the wagering requirement. This means that before you want to make a withdrawal, you must first roll your winnings. Casinos usually indicate whether the wagering requirement applies to bonus cash or the sum of the bonus and the deposit. In the second case, the marketing requirement seems less than it really is. For example, at Casino Listings,  Udenlandsk casino uden dansk licens?the wagering requirements apply to bonus cash, making it much easier to compare different offers. Let's assume the wagering requirement is x20, which means you need to spin the bonus cash 20 times before you can make a withdrawal. If you have $ 500 with this trading requirement, it's only when you turn $ 10,000 that you can withdraw what you have left. Remember that spinning adds up - you don't have to bet $ 10,000 at a time. Every spin in the $ 2 slot or $ 5 blackjack bet counts and adds up to the wagering requirement.

Is this a trap?

With the development of online casinos, bonus offers have also changed - unfortunately, to the detriment of customers. Trading requirements have increased and the list of games eligible for bonus offers has decreased. There are two reasons for this change: gambler's cunning and complicated mathematics calculations. Eventually, players understood that it was enough to register and receive the bonus, and then play blackjack or poker or other games with the lowest casino profit percentage until they reach the wagering requirement. At the end they simply paid out what was left. Mathematically speaking, they had an advantage over the casino, which means that in the long run profit was on their side.
Nowadays, many bonus offers are traps: you deposit money, receive a bonus, and then you have to meet huge trading requirements, through which quick withdrawal of winnings is impossible, and also very unlikely for a long time. Of course, everyone has a different approach to the possibility of losing money or gaining the benefits of various bonuses. It is best to follow this valuable advice: if you do not like the inability to make a withdrawal immediately after winning or you prefer to decide for yourself what you want to play, or you simply do not like the idea of ​​forcing to play longer than you wish to withdraw the win - do not receive a bonus.

No deposit bonus

Don't feel like risking your own money? Some casinos offer new customers free cash, allowing them to play completely free without risk. No deposit bonuses are much smaller than the Welcome Bonus, but thanks to them you can test and understand how online casinos work without risking your own funds. Of course, the casino does not give away money like that - it sets such a high requirement for the marketing of winnings from bonuses to have the highest possible profit. In short, in this case you have little chance of winning the Jackpot.

Cash bonuses vs non-cash bonuses

If you have the option of keeping your bonus cash once you have met the wagering requirement, we call this bonus "cash". However, non-cash bonuses are funds that the casino adds to your game, but which you cannot withdraw. Cash bonuses are much more valuable than cash bonuses, but they are also much smaller.
On the other hand, non-cash bonuses also have their value depending on the player's preferred strategy. If you're a slot player, a cashless bonus means more chances of spinning or hitting the Jackpot. For bonus hunters, they can be used as a leverage to increase bets at the start of the season. When you reach your goal (e.g. double your deposit), you can easily start meeting the requirement to trade small amounts.