Hemp drought - what is it and how does it work?

Cannabis is mostly associated with narcotic marijuana by many. Currently, however, CBD hemp is becoming more and more popular, it does not contain intoxicating or addictive ingredients, but is full of substances from the cannabinoid group that are beneficial for the body. Made from cannabis (and not the Indian cannabis plant), it is recommended as an adjunct treatment for many conditions. Find out more!

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What is CBD hemp dried?

The product most often referred to as dried hemp CBD is the dried flowers of hemp. They look like the popular "soft" drug, but their properties are completely different. First of all, such a product practically does not contain THC, i.e. tetrahydrocannabinol, which has an intoxicating effect on the body and to which marijuana owes its shameful opinion. For the dried hemp to be legally sold in our country, it cannot have more than 0.2% THC. This means that it is not narcotic. Regardless of the method of taking it, it cannot be intoxicated. Nor can you become addicted to it. So why is it so popular? The key here is an ingredient called CBD, i.e. cannabidiol - not only is it not psychoactive, but it turns out to be very beneficial for the body.

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What is CBD?

CBD and THC are two substances belonging to the cannabinoid family, but their effect on humans is completely different. These are two of the more than 480 chemical compounds found naturally in various types of cannabis, and at the same time the ones that are found in the highest concentrations. This is why they are so distinctive. CBD is found in marijuana (cannabis), but large amounts are also found in the non-narcotic dried hemp. It is a completely legal substance, allowed for use and sale. In nature, it occurs only in hemp, but in the human body there are compounds with very similar chemical structure and application. CBD has very wide health benefits and is considered by many to be even the best natural medicine.

CBD and dried hemp - opinions and recommendations for use

Who is hemp drought recommended for? The opinions of doctors and users themselves indicate its beneficial effects in many ailments. Cannabidiol contained in cannabis is a salvation, above all, for many oncological patients. It also improves well-being during treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), which often has many unpleasant consequences. In addition, the effect of cannabis drought works well for people suffering from various types of mental disorders - depression, anxiety, psychosis, neurosis, schizophrenia. The neuroprotective properties of the substance turn out to be extremely helpful for people suffering from diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis. Cannabis drought can also be used after strokes and brain injuries to improve its function. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on patients with epilepsy. It often proves helpful in diseases such as diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, dementia, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, glaucoma, migraine or allergies. It can be said that CBD and dried hemp are remedies for most civilization and neurological diseases. Interestingly, they have a beneficial effect not only on the human body, but also on many animals.

Importantly, CBD only affects us positively - it does not cause any side effects. This is why when it comes to dried cannabis, the opinions of doctors and users are quite clear - it is one of the best remedies for many ailments that are difficult to deal with with chemical pharmacological agents available in pharmacies. It is even said that limiting access to cannabis in the 20th century was the reason for faster aging of the population in many parts of the globe and deterioration of their health.